A brief analysis of suicide methods and trends in Virginia from 2003 to 2012

The objective is to analyze and compare Virginia suicide data from 2003 to 2012 to US suicide data. Methods. Suicide trends by method, age, gender, and race were obtained from Virginia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s annual reports. Results. Similar to US suicide rates, suicide rates in Virginia increased between 2003 and 2012 from 10.9/100,000 people to 12.9/100,000[…]

Sleepless in Fairfax: The difference one more hour of sleep can make for teen hopelessness, suicidal ideation, and substance use.


The Problem-Solving Diathesis in Depression, Hopelessness, and Suicide Ideation: a Longitudinal Analysis

The problem-solving deficit diathesis-stress model of suicide behavior proposed by Clum & colleagues (1979) & expanded by Schotte & Clum (1982, 1987) was examined in a short-term longitudinal test. The relationship between problem-solving deficits at Time 1 – prior to the stressor (a D or F on a midterm examination) – & adjustment at Time[…]

Attributional Style as a Diathesis in Predicting Depression, Hopelessness, and Suicide Ideation in College Students

Attributional style was examined as a diathesis for depression, hopelessness, & suicide ideation. A naturalistic stressor – obtaining a D or F on an Introductory Psychology exam – was used in a longitudinal design to test for the effects of stress in predicting these criteria. Controlling for preexam levels, prestress attributional style was consistently related[…]

Evaluation of Student Suicide Prevention Training in Virginia

This evaluation was conducted through 1,021 surveys of school staff who participated in youth suicide prevention training in Virginia as well as a control group who did not participate in the training. Participants in both ASIST & QPR training reported the training was beneficial. ASIST participants received more training than QPR participants & as such[…]

Toxicology Findings in Child and Adolescent Suicides in Virginia: 1987-2003


An Examination and Replication of the Psychometric Properties of the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-Second Edition (MAYSI-2) Among Adolescents in Detention Settings


A Study of Suicide in the Commonwealth: Report of the Virginia Department of Health to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia. Senate Document No.16

Senate Joint Resolution 382 required the Virginia Department of Health to study the issue of suicide in the Commonwealth & prepare a report with recommendations for the Governor & the General Assembly. A core-working group was developed to conduct this study. Their findings are presented in the present document, along with 12 recommendations developed by[…]

Suicide Prevention Across the Life Span Plan for the Commonwwealth of Virginia: Report of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources. Senate Document No.17


Crisis Hotlines and Crisis Negotiators: Creating Coalitions