Run for Life 2022

Centre for Suicide Prevention’s 5th annual Run for Life will take place from September 18-25, 2022.  Join us on a journey from darkness into light to remember loved ones lost to suicide and raise awareness for suicide prevention. Register now! This is a virtual event – participate anywhere, anytime, and in any way: by[…]

Weekly News Roundup Apr 30 – May 6, 2022

Subscribe to receive the weekly news roundup straight to your inbox! More than 200 sailors moved off aircraft carrier after multiple suicides – CNN
May 5, 2022
Following three suicide deaths in less than one week last month on US Navy ship USS George Washington, the US Navy has moved[…]

Weekly News Roundup Apr 23-29, 2022

Subscribe to receive the weekly news roundup straight to your inbox! Sask. families affected by suicide say new prevention plan needed – Regina Leader-Post
April 28, 2022
Sally Ratt lost her daughter (age 12) to suicide and in 2016 she advocated for a suicide prevention bill in Saskatchewan. The bill[…]

Weekly News Roundup Apr 15-22, 2022

Subscribe to receive the weekly news roundup straight to your inbox! Is the Opioid Crisis Masking Real Rates of Suicides?– WedMD Health News
April 21, 2022
This article explores causes of death during the pandemic, specifically, the 3% decrease in suicides and 29% increase in opioid-related deaths in the US[…]

Run for Life social kit 2022

We encourage you to raise awareness for Run for Life 2022 on social using #RunforLife2022. Create your own posts, use your own photos, or use the sample posts we’ve created for you below! Share on social Copy and paste any of the posts below to share on your social media, or[…]

Research Roundup – March 2022

Cardon, K. (2022). Suicide justice: Adopting Indigenous feminist methods in settler suicidology. Health, 26(1), 66-80. DOI: 10.1177/13634593211046837
Indigenous suicide in the United States is analysed through an Indigenous and feminist lens. Abstract – White settler colonies around the world have long reported disproportionately high rates of Indigenous suicides, a consequence of the continuing violence[…]

Weekly News Roundup Apr 9-14, 2022

Influential panel raises doubts on youth suicide screening – AP News
April 12, 2022
The US Preventative Services Task Force posted draft guidance last week suggesting that there’s not enough evidence to recommend regularly screening young people for suicidality if they do not show obvious signs. Many agree that more research[…]

Weekly News Roundup Apr 2-8, 2022

Schools face rise in suicides during pandemic: “So many kids are hurting” – CBS
April 7, 2022
Clark Country School District in Las Vegas, Nevada, has experienced many student suicides since the beginning of the pandemic. High school teacher Nick Orr says, “I’ve had to work with our social workers more[…]

Thank you to Amaranth Foods

Thank you to Amaranth Foods – 4th Street Market for supporting suicide prevention by
donating $583 to Centre for Suicide Prevention through their charity campaign!

Weekly News Roundup Mar 26 – Apr 1, 2022

To Help Someone Contemplating Suicide, Put Yourself First – Psychology Today
April 1, 2022
People who offer care to those thinking about suicide play an important role in suicide prevention, and this article argues that they’re not getting enough support. Offering help and support to someone who is thinking about suicide[…]