The use of pesticides in suicide attempts in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey

Objective: In parallel with common usage areas, pesticide poisonings are encountered in the community due to reasons such as no wearing of protective clothing and masks during use, unintentional consumption and  suicide-intended intake. In this study was aimed to examine the cases who applied to the emergency department with pesticide poisoning and share of suicide […]

The relationship between suicide and hopelessness in young adults aged 18-30: A systematic review

INTRODUCTION: This review presents a number of studies that assessed the concept of hopelessness in individuals aged 18 to 30 with a history of suicidal ideation and suicide attempt. METHODS: The Turkish Citation Index, TR Index, Turkish Psychiatric Index, Wiley Online Library, PubMed, and Science Direct databases were reviewed between January and February 2021, and […]

Rising health problem of Türkiye, healthcare professionals’ suicides in media

It is known that the risk of suicide increases in professionals who are frequently exposed to intensive and stressful working conditions. Health professionals may be susceptible to depression and suicide due to occupational stressors besides risk factors such as violence against healthcare professionals, mobbing and burnout. However, it is noteworthy that there is no institutional […]

Evaluation of clinical and sucidal behavior characteristics among urban, Turkish middle-age depressive patients with comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Background: In the presence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) together with additional psychiatric diseases, the treatment process and prognosis of both ADHD and psychiatric comorbidity are adversely affected. Aims: The aim of this study is to compare the characteristics concerning suicidal behavior of the patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder either having (ADHD+) or […]

A psychological and social perspective on completed suicides in Western Anatolia, Turkey: A case-controled psychological autopsy study.

Aim of this study was an evaluation of the completed suicide rate as well as exploring what associated psychological and social factors might have increased the risk of death from suicide. Of the cases, 13.2% (n=7) were female, while 86.8% (n=46) were male. The mean age was 41.57±15.33 years. The total mean age of the […]

Relationship between suicide attempts and synthetic cannabinoids in adjustment disorder.

Although it has been known that adult patients with an adjustment disorder diagnosis do not have suicidal behavior similar to adolescents, the validity of this assertion in particular groups is unknown. This study was designed to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with suicide in patients with adjustment disorder that resulted in suicide among […]

Psychiatric presentation of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy occurring after a violent suicide attempt: A case of hanging.

A letter to the editor detailing a  report of a male patient , a 20-year-old from Adiyaman (Region of Eastern Anatolia, Turkey),who developed hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) following an suicide attempt by hanging, manifesting with psychiatric symptoms.

A psychological and social perspective on completed suicides in Western Anatolia, Turkey: A case-control psychological autopsy study

Objective: Aim of this study was an evaluation of the completed suicide rate as well as exploring what associated psychological and social factors might have increased the risk of death from suicide. Method: The study examines all adult suicide cases in the Province of Denizli that occurred between January 2009 and December 2010. In addition […]

Emergency room visits for suicide attempts: Rates, trends and sociodemographic characteristics of suicide attempts in Northeastern Anatolia.


Suicidal behavior and attitudes in Slovak and Turkish high school students: A cross-cultural investigation.

Suicidal behavior and its variation across social contexts are of importance for the science of suicidology. Due to its special character controlled experimental studies on suicide are ruled out for ethical reasons. Cross-cultural studies may throw light on the etiology of both suicidal behavior and its cross-cultural variation. The present study compared suicidal behavior and […]

Seasonality of self-destructive behaviour: seasonal variations in demographic and suicidal characteristics in Van, Turkey.


The prevalence of death ideation and attempted suicide and the associated risk factors in Isparta, Turkey.


Suicide rates among Turkish and American youth: A cross-cultural comparison.

This study compares youth (

A Promising Tool for Predicting Suicide: the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale


Characteristics of poisoning cases in adult intensive care units in Sanliurfa, Turkey

An analysis of the rate and characteristics of acute poisoning cases admitted to adult intensive care unit. Study was conducted between 2002 and 2005 and found a particularly high rate of suicide attempts in young single females.

Autopsy Findings of Suicidal Deaths Committed by Firearms in Ankara, Turkey

This study examined autopsy findings from suicides in Ankara, Turkey in which firearms were used. Results were compared to those from other studies. 115 cases were male, the ratio of male to female suicides was 5:1 & the mean age was 31.96 years. 40 cases were between 12 & 20 years of age. Gunshot-related crimes […]

Suicides in Trakya Region, Turkey, From 1984 to 2004

This study investigated some features of suicides in the Trakya region of Turkey. During the 21-year period, January 1984-September 2004, there were 137 suicides autopsied. Suicides comprised 16.1% of all forensic autopsies. 27% of cases were between 21 & 30 years of age. Males constituted 78.1% of cases. Suicide rates in males showed an increase […]

The Effect of Earthquakes on the Risk of Suicide

This study evaluated whether a traumatic experience such as an earthquake has any effect on the probability of suicide, especially in those who seem psychologically healthy. Prevention & support parameters are evaluated. Two groups of 35 people each were compared regarding their probability of dying by suicide. One group had experienced an earthquake & the […]

Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The demographic & clinical correlates of current suicide ideation were examined in 44 Turkish patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Following Bonferroni correction, only the severity of depression differed significantly between patients with & patients without current suicide ideation. The presence of major depression, aggressive obsessions, the level of hopelessness, & the severity of obsessive-compulsive symptomatology were […]

The Effects of Religious Versus Secular Education on Suicide Ideation and Suicidal Attitudes in Adolescents in Turkey

This study investigated the impact of religious versus secular education on suicide ideation & attitudes towards suicide & a suicidal close friend in Turkish adolescents. A questionnaire collected data from 206 adolescents undergoing religious education & 214 adolescents undergoing secular education. Suicide ideation was more frequent in adolescents in secular education. The secular group was […]

Analyses of Suicidal Deaths With Shotguns in Istanbul, 1998-2007

This study examined firearm suicides in Istanbul, occuring during 1998-2007. 36,971 autopsy reports were retrospectively reviewed. 73 suicides by shotgun were evaluated. 46 victims were male & 27 were female. Most victims were between 16-20 years. The majority of suicides occurred in the home & a suicide note was recovered in 7 cases. Ethyl alcohol […]

Lay Theories of Suicide in Turkish and American Students

This study compared the lay theories of suicide held by Turkish & American respondents. Measures of attitudes toward suicide & of personality variables were administered to 330 Turkish undergraduates & 419 American undergraduates. Turkish students saw interpersonal factors as less important & societal factors as more important in causing suicide as compared to the American […]

Analysis of Patients Followed-Up at the Emergency Internal Medicine Outpatients Department of Gulhane Military Hospital in 2003 for Suicide Attempt

151 suicide attempt cases monitored & treated at a training hospital’s internal medicine clinic in 2003 were retrospectively evaluated. 59.6% of subjects were male, 70.2% were single, 60.3% were retired or unemployed, 51.75% were privates (non-professional soldiers), & 36.4% were high school graduates. No diagnosis was made in 54.3% of cases while 25.2% had a […]