Year: 2010 Source: Journal of Forensic Sciences, v.55, no.1, (January 2010), p.110-115 SIEC No: 20100177

Cases of homicide-suicide occurring between 2000-2007 in Konya, Turkey were retrospectively investigated. During the study period, there were 10 cases identified with 10 perpetrators killing 12 victims. Nine of the perpetrators were men & 8 of the victims were women. The precipitating motive was an impending divorce in 4 of the cases. Two perpetrators were described as severely depressed, one had a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, & one was a pedophile who had reactive depression. Firearms were used in 8 of the homicide cases & 7 of the suicides. It is suggested that restricting the use of firearms might reduce or prevent future homicide-suicide cases. (37 refs.)