Year: 2013 Source: International Journal Of Psychiatry In Clinical Practice.2013.17(2):110-19. doi:10.3109/13651501.2012.697565 SIEC No: 20130731

Objective: Seasonality is one of the most interesting but still elusive issue in suicide research. Linkages of seasonality in suicides to possible contributors such as gender, type of method used, and climatic factors have received attention in different cultures. We aimed at evaluating seasonal trends in suicidal behaviour according to demographic characteristics, reasons for self-destructive behaviour and means preferred in suicide. Methods: Our aim was to assess the seasonal variation in self-destructive behaviour in terms of completed and attempted suicides in a 3-year time period from 2008 to 2010 in Van, Turkey. A total of 1448 cases were registered over a 3-year time period in the city. Seasonal deviations in demographic characteristics, reasons for suicide, and methods of suicide were evaluated. Results: Seasonal distribution of both completed and attempted suicides by gender did not significantly deviate. On the other hand, we found a significant decline in self-destructive behaviours among those who were single and student in the spring. We found a peak in self-destructive behaviours in the autumn among Individuals who suffer from psychological problems. Conclusions: Subjects with psychological difficulties were more prone to commit suicide in autumn. Seasonal differences in methods of suicide used by suicidal subjects were not significant.