Taking leave from work: The impact of culture on Japanese female nurses.

The paper shows that there are many overlapping, complex issues affecting nurses working in Japan and their needs need to be considered and addressed in order to promote a healthier work environment, as well as a more humanistic environment.

Suicidal Behaviour in Some Human Service Occupations With Special Emphasis on Physicians and Police. a Nationwide Study


Suicide Rates According to Education With a Particular Focus on Physicians in Norway 1960-2000


Stress-related Suicide by Dentists and Other Health Care Workers: Fact or Folklore?

Stress and Suicide in the Nurses’ Health Study

Suicide in Female Nurses: a Psychological Autopsy Study of Risk Factors

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad

Suicide in Female Nurses in England and Wales

The authors studied nurse suicides in England & Wales, with psychological autopsy study & case-control comparison with living nurses. Nearly three-quarters of nurse suicides had previous contact with psychiatric services & almost half had been psychiatric in-patients in the past. There were particularly marked differences between the cases & controls for current psychiatric disorder, personality[…]

When Patients Harm Themselves

The author uses a case study to argue his point about the ethical rights of a patients privacy. The author argues that without concrete evidence of self harm, a patients right to privacy or autonomy should be considered the overriding right. (AK)

Are you Prepared to S.A.V.E. Your Nursing Student From Suicide?

Professional nursing students are significantly at risk for possible suicide attempts or completions. Nurse educators can play a crucial role in prevention by identifying, assessing, & immediately referring for further psychiatric evaluation & treatment, those students who exhibit suicidal behaviours. This article outlines a helping process based on the acronym S.A.V.E. – Suicidal behaviours, Assessment[…]

Suicide in Nurses

The worldwide English language literature on suicide in nurses is reviewed. There is evidence from serveral countries that female nurses are at increased risk of suicide. Very little information is available about the specific causes. Unlike some other high-risk occupational groups, it is unclear to what extent access to means for suicide contributes to nurses’[…]