Suicide ideation and the related factors among Iranian transgender people: A cross-sectional study

Objective Suicide is a significant public health concern worldwide, and efforts to prevent it are crucial. This study aims to assess suicide ideation among transgender individuals in Iran. A cross-sectional design was used, with 235 transgender participants recruited through snowball sampling across Iran. The data collection included a questionnaire containing demographic inquiries, while the Beck […]

Characteristics and related factors of suicide attempts among patients admitted to an Iranian poisoning center: Implications for suicide prevention

Background: Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide. Iran is no exception, with suicide rates increasing in recent years. Understanding the characteristics and related factors of suicide attempts can help inform suicide prevention efforts in Iran. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on patients who attempted suicide and were admitted to the poisoning emergency […]

Protest suicide: Considerations for psychiatrists and psychologists

On 26 December 2022, Mohammad Moradi, a 38-year-old Iranian student living in France, died by suicide to draw global attention to Iranian protests against the ruling power. Before he threw himself into the Rhône River, Moradi shared a video and said: “when you see this, I will be dead. I don’t have any mental disorders […]

An analysis of suicide rates in Kerman province, the largest province in Iran, before and after COVID-19: (2017–2020)

This study aimed to investigate the suicide incidence rate in Kerman before and after the pandemic and the characteristics of suicides. During four years, 642 suicide occurred in Kerman province. The suicide rate of suicide has increased in 2020 compared to previous years. Suicide among females, singles, people with bachelor’s degrees, students, governmental, non-governmental occupations, […]

Stigma as a barrier to suicide prevention e􀀀orts in Iran

Suicide and suicide attempt affect a considerable part of the general population, and in spite of their prevalence, the stigma associated with suicide remains an unsolved problem surrounding this important public health problem, especially in lower-income countries such as Iran. Evidence shows that help-seeking from formal mental health services for suicidal people is low in […]

Validations of the Farsi versions of the depressive symptom inventory suicidality subscale (F-DSI- SS) and suicide rumination scale (F-SRS) among Iranian college students

Introduction Suicidal thoughts are relatively common among college students in Iran. However, measures frequently used to assess suicidality or specific aspects of suicidal ideation in the United States have yet to be validated in Iran. Thus, the present study validated Farsi versions of the Depressive Symptom Inventory Suicidality Subscale (F-DSI-SS) and Suicide Rumination Scale (F-SRS) […]

The suicidal behavior questionnaire revised (SBQ-R): Validation in Iranian psychiatric outpatients

The aims of the present study were (a) to investigate the psychometric properties and to explore the factorial structure of the Suicidal Behavior Questionnaire-Revised (SBQ-R) in Iranian psychiatric outpatients, and (b) to examine demographic and clinical differences. The SBQ-R was administered to a  convenience sample of 102 Iranian psychiatric outpatients. Cronbach’s a was 0.87. One […]

Evaluation of suicide among Iranian ex-prisoners of war in Iraq detention camps (1980-90)

Background: Prisoners of war (POWs) are usually at risk of suicide due to problems such as torture, social and emotional deprivation, etc. The present study aimed to investigate suicide cases among Iranian prisoners of war (POWs) over ten years of their presence in the camps in Iraq (1980-1990). Methods: Data required in this study were collected in […]

Investigating cognitive control and cognitive emotion regulation in Iranian depressed women with suicidal ideation or suicide attempts

Objective This study compared cognitive control (working memory, interference control, perseveration) and cognitive emotion regulation among Iranian women with depression who had attempted suicide, had only suicidal ideation, and healthy controls. Method Participants (N = 75) completed a clinical interview, cognitive control tasks, and the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire. Results Those with suicidal ideation or previous attempts […]

Epidemiology of suicide and suicide attempts in Jahrom district, Southern Iran in light of COVID pandemic: A prospective observational study

Background and Aims Suicide is a global public health issue. The covid-19 epidemic has led to disturbance in daily life and economic activity. It is assumed that increased stress and anxiety cause suicide. This study aimed to describe the causes and methods of committing suicide during the COVID pandemic. Methods This descriptive study was conducted on […]

Factors associated with self-burning among women in reproductive age of Ilam: A case-control study in a western part of Iran

Objective Self-burning is one way that some people choose to commit suicide, and it has been seen in many nations. This problem is considered as an uncommon method in developed countries and a common method of suicide in developing countries. The present study aimed to identify the factors associated with self-burning among Iranian women in […]

Iran’s national suicide prevention program: Opportunities, challenges and next steps

Background and Aims: Iran is one of the few countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) to have developed a national suicide prevention program (NSPP). This report introduces Iran’s NSPP to policy planners and researchers working in suicide prevention, and is intended to encourage other low- and middle-income countries to develop, implement, and evaluate their own […]

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 2014 World Cup impact on hospital-treated suicide attempt (overdose) in Tehran.

Social influences on suicidal behaviors may be important but are less frequently studied than the influences of mental illness, physical illness, and demographic variables. Major international sporting events may have an impact on suicidal behaviors at the national and local level, an effect possibly mediated by gender and age. We examined the association of hospital-treated […]

Associations of suicide seasonality with rural-urban residence and mental disorders in Ilam, Iran.

Suicide is one of the ten leading causes of death in Western countries and the second leading cause in people aged 15-19 years. In recent decades, annual suicide attempts reportedly ranged from 2.6 to 1,100 per 100,000 people, while the rate of lifetime prevalence ranges from 750 to 5,930 per 100,000 worldwide.1 Studies regarding suicide […]

Epidemiological survey of intentional poisoning suicide during 1993-2013 in Ilam Province, Iran.

Suicide is an important social tragic phenomenon which occurs by different tools or methods in different communities. Considering deliberate poisoning as a common and important method in Ilam province for suicide, the present study was launched to epidemiologically assess committing suicide in Ilam province, Iran, based on intentional poisoning. Totally, 6794 cases of suicide (annual […]

Risk and protective factor for suicide attempt in Iran: A matched case-control study.

In order to generate local evidence, a case-control study was designed to explore risk factors for suicide attempts (SA) in one of the larger cities in the southeast of IranÐKerman. From one of the main referral hospitals, 300 cases and 300 age- and sex-matched variables, the following variables were compared in the two groups: personality […]

Predicting addiction potential on early traumatic events, dissociative experiences and suicide ideation.

There is a great deal of medical literature suggesting that substance use disorder is a serious clinical concern, affecting general population and associated with considerable economic,societal and personal costs.

National Registration System of suicide behaviors in Iran: Barriers and challenges.

Journal copy held in CSP Library.

A symptom profile analysis of depression in a sample of Iranian patients.

Somatic symptoms, especially pain, have a significant weight in the chief complaints of depressed patients. Physicians need to pay particular attention to this important issue in order to better understand these patients. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at

A survey of characteristics of self-immolation in the Northern Iran.


Suicide in the Islamic Republic of Iran: An integrated analysis from 1981 to 2007.

Although the rate of suicide is low in Muslim countries, there is evidence that it is increasing. An integrated analysis was made of data on suicide attempts (nonfatal and fatal) from studies carried out in the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1981 to 2007. Of 54 published studies concerning suicide, 48 (covering 26 768 cases […]

Epidemiology of suicide and attempted suicide derived from the health system database in the Islamic Republic of Iran: 2001-2007.


Psychiatric problems and suicidal behaviour in incarcerated adolescents in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Data are lacking about the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and suicidal behaviour in incarcerated adolescents in Asia. This cross-sectional study evaluated the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and the prediction of suicidal attempts in 100 incarcerated males aged 12Ð19 years in Shiraz. Data were collected in face-to-face interview using the Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and […]