Year: 2023 Source: Suicide Studies (2023), 4(2), 4-14. SIEC No: 20230317
The aims of the present study were (a) to investigate the psychometric properties and to explore the factorial structure of the Suicidal Behavior Questionnaire-Revised (SBQ-R) in Iranian psychiatric outpatients, and (b) to examine demographic and clinical differences. The SBQ-R was administered to a  convenience sample of 102 Iranian psychiatric outpatients. Cronbach's a was 0.87. One factor was extracted, labeled: "Suicidal Behavior". Using CFA, standardized estimates indicated strong factor loadings, and all were of large magnitude and statistically significant. However, the results for model fit were inconsistent. SBQ total scores declined with age but did not correlate with sex or the duration of the psychiatric illness. Unmarried patients and those with low literacy had higher scores. Suicidal behavior did not differ between depressed patients and anxious patients. Group-comparisons between non-suicidal, intermediate risk, and high-risk groups indicated differences by marital status but not by age, sex, or education.