Experiences of bereavement from suicide: A descriptive review

Background: Suicide is a serious public health problem. Bereaved from suicide can have an impact on one’s physical, mental health as well as daily life. Not all bereaved people can cope well with the situation, so it is necessary for nurses to provide support for them. Aim: To describe the experiences of bereavement from suicide. […]

Problematic smartphone use associated with greater alcohol consumption, mental health issues, poorer academic performance, and impulsivity

Background This study sought to examine the occurrence of the problematic use of smartphones in a university sample and associated physical and mental health correlates, including potential relationships with risky sexual practices. Methods A 156-item anonymous online survey was distributed via e-mail to a sample of 9,449 university students. In addition to problematic smartphone usage, […]

Opioid-related deaths in Alberta in 2017: Review of medical examiner data

Alberta Health undertook a review of the Chief Medical Examiner’s case files on all unintentional opioid-related deaths in 2017, supplemented by administrative data from Alberta Health. The purpose of the review was to learn more about the people dying from opioid-related deaths and the circumstances of those deaths, and to identify trends and inform potential […]

Community mental health: Challenges for the 21st century. 3rd ed.

The newest edition of Community Mental Health continues to be at the leading edge of the field, providing the most up-to-date research and treatment models that encompass practice in community settings. Experts from a wide range of fields explore the major trends, best practices, and policy issues shaping community mental health services today. New sections address the […]

A prioritized research agenda for suicide prevention: What was the process? Research priorities for suicide prevention in Canada

Medicine wheel evaluation framework

This guide is intended to introduce the reader to the Medicine Wheel, outlining its history and uses, and to show how the Medicine Wheel can be used as an evaluation framework. We know that this framework is not appropriate for every organization or every project, but we do hope that its use will enable some […]

Canada’s time to act

Beavers, ice hockey, maple syrup, Mounted Police, peace-keeping. These things conjure Canada in the minds of many. Others will add health to the list, for Canada’s public health-care system is one of the oldest and most celebrated in the world and because Canada has ministered to global humanitarian, migration, and medical crises for decades. While […]

Resilience as a focus of suicide research and prevention

Suicide is a major medical and social problem. Decades of suicide research have mostly focused on risk factors for suicidal behaviour while overlooking protective factors such as resilience that may help to address this important public health issue. Resilience is the capacity and dynamic process of adaptively overcoming stress and adversity while maintaining normal psychological […]

Self-harm and violent criminality linked with parental death during childhood

BackgroundAdverse health and social outcomes are known to occur more frequently following parental death during childhood, but evidence is lacking for comparing long-term risks of internalised v. externalised harm. MethodsThis national register-based cohort study consisted of Danish persons born 1970–2000. The Civil Registration System and National Causes of Death Register were linked to ascertain parental deaths by […]

Using photovoice to understand suicidality among gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men

This study explored the drivers of suicidality from the perspectives of gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GB2SM) with a history of suicidality. Twenty-one GB2SM participated in this photovoice study taking photographs to depict and discuss their previous suicidality. Data were collected from in-depth individual interviews in which participants discussed their photographs and in turn offered […]