Media reporting of suicide in Muslim countries.

Suicide is a major problem in public health around the world (World Health Organization
[WHO], 2014). To devise the suicide prevention programme, the analysis of suicide causes
has always been the subject of research. Responsible reporting of suicidal behaviour is a
population-wide preventive strategy (Niederkrotenthaler et al., 2020; World Health Organization, 2017;[…]

Newspaper suicide reporting in a muslim country: Analysis of violations and compliance with international guidelines

Suicide attempt rates are on the rise in predominantly Islamic Republic of
Pakistan. However, there exists an indigenous academic apathy toward
exploring media-suicide relationships. This study, using content analysis
and interviews, examines the lack of compliance with international ethical
guidelines for suicide reporting by Pakistani newspapers. In 553 reported

Descriptive epidemiology on the trends and sociodemographic risk factors of disease burden in years of life lost to suicide in South Korea from 2000 to 2018.

Objectives In 2018, South Korea’s suicide mortality rate
was 26.59 deaths per 100 000 people; this figure is 2.2
times higher than that of the year 2000, during which
12.22 deaths per 100 000 people were ascribed to suicide.
This study aims to observe the trend of disease burden in

Suicidality among children and youth in Nordic child welfare services: A systematic review.

Existing research has established child welfare (CW) clients as a vulnerable group for
developing negative life trajectories, including mental health problems, work- and
education-related challenges and premature mortality. Knowledge of later life conditions including suicidality of clients within child welfare services (CWS) in the Nordic
countries is scarce. The overall aim is[…]

Global and reflective rumination are related to suicide attempts among patients experiencing major depressive episodes.

Background Recent attention has focused on the role of rumination in suicidality, with evidence indicating that rumination may be positively related to suicidal ideation. There remains disagreement on the nature of the relationship between rumination and suicide attempts, especially in major affective disorders. This study was designed to identify whether rumination is a[…]

Associations of lifetime traumatic brain injury characteristics with prospective suicide attempt among deployed U.S. Army soldiers.

Objective: To estimate associations of lifetime traumatic brain injury (TBI) characteristics with prospective suicide attempt among U.S. Army soldiers. Method: The Army STARRS Pre/Post Deployment Study surveyed 3 Brigade Combat Teams that deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. Lifetime TBI[…]

Socioeconomic inequalities in suicide mortality in European urban areas before and during the economic recession.

Background Few studies have assessed the impact of the financial crisis on inequalities in suicide mortality in European urban areas. The objective of the study was to analyse the trend in area socioeconomic inequalities in suicide mortality in nine European urban areas before and after the beginning of the financial[…]

Assessment of suicide in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic vs previous years

Importance  There are concerns that suicide rates may have increased during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Objective  To assess whether suicide rates in Japan increased in April through November 2020 compared with previous years. Design, Setting, and Participants  This cross-sectional study used national data obtained from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare from 2016 to 2020[…]

A systematic review of user expectations and outcomes of crisis support services

Background: Crisis support services play an important role in providing free, immediate access to support people in the community experiencing a personal crisis. Recently, services have expanded from telephone to digital modalities including online chat and text message services. This raises the question of what outcomes are being achieved for increasingly diverse service users across[…]

A step back from the edge: Empirical modeling of the role of social integration on suicide and associated deleterious health outcomes across adolescents from six middle-income countries

Purpose: There is economic importance to stimulating awareness about preventing adolescent suicide and other associated deleterious mental and behavioral health outcomes, especially the long-term costs from lost productivity. However, the presence of stigma and poor healthcare reporting systems which often prevent data access have frequently limited research into these topics in low-and-middle income (LMICs) countries. The[…]