The day Morty’s face fell off

Morty Monster was having a bad day. His face kept falling off. Has that ever happened to you? When Morty left his Hollow in the Big Tree that morning it had seemed like the perfect day for a walk. Then things started going wrong. Morty is a character from our Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls Set that[…]

Where are the children? Healing the legacy of the residential schools

Book includes photographs of Indian, Inuit and Metis children at residential schools. Photographs are accompanied by written text: the historical background of residential schools; interviews and profiles of contemporary role models who shared the residential school experience; and accounts of healing from these experiences.

Childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors among Chinese migrant workers: The mediating role of alexithymia and social support

This study aims to investigate the lifetime prevalence of suicidal behaviors in a sample of Chinese migrant workers. It also examined the mediating role of alexithymia and social support in the link between childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors. A total of 1,563 migrant workers were surveyed by using cluster sampling. Results showed that the estimated[…]

Do maternal depression and self-esteem moderate and mediate the association between intimate partner violence after childbirth and postpartum suicidal ideation?

Intimate partner violence (IPV) during the perinatal period is believed to have an adverse effect on maternal mental health. Given the risks of suicide and related public health concerns, the aim of this study is to examine (1) the association of experiencing physical, psychological, and sexual IPV after childbirth on postpartum suicidal ideation (SI), and[…]

Effects of the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) model: A secondary analysis of moderation and influencing factors

In a randomized controlled trial, we found that suicidal patients who received Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) reported greater improvements in suicidal ideation and mental health distress compared to participants who received treatment as usual (TAU). Here, we explored moderators and mediators of the effectiveness of CAMS. Compared to TAU, CAMS was more[…]

Direct and indirect effects of behavioral inhibition / activation systems on depression and current suicidal ideation through rumination and self-reflection

This study aimed to evaluate direct and indirect effects of the behavioral inhibition system (BIS) and the behavioral activation system (BAS) on depression and current suicidal ideation through rumination and self-reflection in a sample of suicide attempters. Three hundred suicide attempters completed the Rumination/Reflection Questionnaire (RRQ), the Carver and White BIS/BAS scales, the Beck Scale[…]

A quantitative and qualitative study of notes left by youth who died by suicide in Quebec from 1895 to 1985

The study of suicide notes and the evolution of their content could contribute to a better understanding of reasons conducive to suicide mortality and offer further prevention strategies. From 1895 to 1985, 706 coroner’s inquests of individuals who died by suicide and were 20 years old or younger were found in the province of Quebec.[…]

Influence of spiritual dimensions on suicide risk: The role of regional differences

The field of suicide prevention has been enriched by research on the association between spirituality and suicide. Many authors have suggested focusing on the various dimensions of religiosity in order to better understand the association between religion and suicidal risk, but it is unclear whether the relationship between spirituality and suicidality differs between countries with[…]

Correlates of suicidal ideation and behaviors among former military personnel not enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration

The current study sought to explore suicidal concomitants, both demographic and psychological, among former military personal. The sample included 645 veterans who are at increased risk for suicide but have not yet pursued Veterans Health Administration (VHA) services. Descriptive statistics revealed that these veterans are primarily young Caucasian males who served in the U.S. Army.[…]

“Nobody hears a silent cry for help”: Suicide attempt survivors’ experiences of disclosing during and after a crisis

Suicide remains an important public health issue across the globe. Until recently the medically dominated field of suicide prevention has neglected first-hand accounts of suicidal thoughts and behaviors from those who have survived prior suicide attempts. This qualitative research provides insight into the experience of suicide attempt, highlighting difficulties with disclosure of suicidal thinking prior[…]