The rate of fatality and demographic characteristics associated with various suicide methods: A community-based study in Northern Taiwan

Background: Understanding lethality and risk factors of suicide methods is an initial step in suicide prevention. Aims: To investigate the fatality rate and demographic characteristics of various suicide methods. Method: This study enrolled consecutive individuals with episodes of suicide attempts registered in a surveillance database in a city with a high rate of suicide mortality in Taiwan, from […]

Media representation of gender patterns of suicide in Taiwan

Background: Extensive media reporting of suicide events has been indicated as a contributing factor to the upsurge in suicide rates in Taiwan in the past decade. Aims: The study compares gender differences in sociodemographic profiles and method of suicide selectively reported in the newspapers and all suicide cases registered in official death records. It also identifies gender differences […]

Perceptions towards charcoal-burning suicide and the surge of this lethal method in Taiwan

Objective: Whether sociocultural perceptions of charcoal-burning suicide have influenced its rapid increase in prevalence is unclear. We aimed to explore perceptions of Taiwan’s general population regarding charcoal-burning suicide, their personal belief in life after death, and related feelings of thoughts associated with those who attempt charcoal-burning suicide. Methods: An online web-based survey, focussing on sociocultural attitudes towards […]

Restricting the Means of Suicide by Charcoal Burning

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What Does Psychological Autopsy Study Tell us About Charcoal Burning Suicide – a new and Contagious Method in Asia?


Suicide by Charcoal Burning in Taiwan, 1995-2006


The Leading Methods of Suicide in Taiwan, 2002-2008


Suicide by Charcoal Burning in Taiwan: Implications for Means Substitution by a Case-Linkage Study

This study estimated suicide mortality among suicide attempters in Taiwan & assessed the extent of means substitution among subjects with a nonfatal attempt & a subsequent fatal attempt during the study period. A total of 5261 attempters registered in a surveillance system from 2004-2005 were followed throught 2005. 72 suicides were identified. The 1-year incidence […]

The Evolution of the Epidemic of Charcoal-Burning Suicide in Taiwan: a Spatial and Temporal Analysis


An Integrative Suicide Prevention Program for Visitor Charcoal Burning Suicide and Suicide Pact


Health Care use by Victims of Charcoal-Burning Suicide in Taiwan


Charcoal Burning and Maternal Filicide-Suicide Trends in Taiwan: the Impact of Accessibility of Lethal Methods


Charcoal Burning is Also Popular for Suicide Pacts Made on the Internet

For the original article by S Rajagopal, please see SIEC #2005-0141

Burning Charcoal: a Novel and Contagious Method of Suicide in Asia