Year: 2010 Source: BMC Public Health, v.10, article no.480, (2010), p.1-9 SIEC No: 20100837

This study examined changes in the leading methods of suicide across citieis/counties in Taiwan between 2002-2004 & 2006-2008. Mortality data for all deaths classified as suicide or undetermined intent were extracted. The number of deaths & proportion of suicides by 4 main methods were calculated in order to identify the leading methods in each city/county. Hanging was the leading method in 18 out of 22 study areas in 2002-2004 but decreased to 10 out of 22 in 2006-2008. On the other hand, charcoal burning was not the leading method in any city/county in 2002-2004 but increased to 10 out of 22 in 2006-2008. The younger the age of the deceased, the more likely the leading method of suicide changed from 2002-2004 to 2006-2008. (17 refs.) JA