Year: 2010 Source: PLoS Medicine, v.7, no.1, (January 2010), p.1-10 SIEC No: 20100204

The spatial & temporal evolution of suicide by charcoal burning in Taiwan was investigated. Age-standardised rates of suicide & undetermined death by charcoal burning were mapped acorss townships for 1999-2001, 2002-2004, & 2005-2007. Smoothed standardised mortality ratios of charcoal burning & non-charcoal burning suicide & undetermined death were estimated using Bayesian hierarchical models. Trends in overall & method-specific rates were compared between urban & rural areas for 1991-2007. The epidemic of charcoal buring suicide emerged more prominently in urban than rural areas. The rural excess in overall suicide rates prior to 1998 diminished as rates of charcoal burning suicide increased to a greater extent in urban areas. (45 rfs.)