Year: 2008 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.43, no.4, (April 2008), p.286-290 SIEC No: 20101036

This study estimated suicide mortality among suicide attempters in Taiwan & assessed the extent of means substitution among subjects with a nonfatal attempt & a subsequent fatal attempt during the study period. A total of 5261 attempters registered in a surveillance system from 2004-2005 were followed throught 2005. 72 suicides were identified. The 1-year incidence rate of suicide was 0.017. There was a strong association between burning charcoal as the method used in the index attempt & completed suicide. Those who used burning charcoal at the index attempt frequently used the same means in their fatal attempt. However, a majority of suicides who died by burning charcoal had used a different method in their index attempt. (22 refs.) JA