Intergenerational trauma: The relationship between residential schools and the child welfare system among young people who use drugs in Vancouver, Canada

Purpose This study investigated the relationship between familial residential school system (RSS) exposure and personal child welfare system (CWS) involvement among young people who use drugs (PWUD). Methods Data were obtained from two linked cohorts of PWUD in Vancouver, Canada, and restricted to Indigenous participants. Multivariable logisticregression analysis was used to investigate the relationship between three categories of familial RSS exposure (none, […]

Campus Suicide Prevention and Intervention: Putting Best Practice Policy Into Action

This article explores how one large western Canadian university has attempted to implement the comprehensive framework for suicide prevention developed by the Jed Foundation. A multi-faceted strategy was developed, focusing on seven broad intervention areas including student & community education, gatekeeper training, collaborative identification & treatment of depression, specialized training in suicide assessment & treatment, […]

Air Pollution and Emergency Department Visits for Suicide Attempts in Vancouver, Canada

The effects of ambient air pollution on visits to a Vancouver emergency room for suicide attempts were investigated. The generalized linear mixed models technique was applied in the analysis of data. Both hierarchical & case-crossover methods confirmed positive & statistically significant associations among carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, & particulate matter for all suicide […]

Impulsivity and Hopelessness as Predictors of Suicide-Related Ideation Among Older Adults

A sample of 117 older adults was recruited from multiple sources in Vancouver, British Columbia over a 1-year period. Suicide-related ideation was measured with the Geriatric Suicide Ideation Scale. Canonical correlation identified 2 pairings of linear composites in which impulsivity emerged along both as significantly associated with facets of suicide-related ideation. The greater proportion of […]

Lost in Transition: how a Lack of Capacity in the Mental Health System is Failing Vancouver’s Mentally ill and Draining Police Resources

The purpose of this report is to provide a quantitative analysis of the prevalence of Vancouver Police Departments calls for service that involve persons with mental health issues. It is estimated the direct annual cost associated with the police resources necessary to handle these calls would be approximately $9 million. The case history of a […]

Street Youth Suicide

The author interviewed 117 street youth in Vancouver & Toronto about their experiences & what they thought would be helpful to them. In this qualitative research, interviews were tape recorded & then transcribed. Factors the youth identified as contributing to suicidality were social stigma, drug abuse & addiction, trauma due to violence on the streets, […]

Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition Community Engagement Consultation

This document reports on the results of an e-mail questionnaire sent to the members of the Vancouver Suicide Survivors Coalition and the results from a focus group. Members were surveyed regarding satisfaction with the Coalition’s tasks & process, the changing role of a community partner in the Coalition, & suggestions for future work. The e-mail […]

Factors Associated With Premature Mortality Among Young Injection Drug Users in Vancouver


Correlates of Suicide Attempts in an Open Cohort of Young men who Have sex With men

The authors investigated baseline sociodemographic, psychosocial, & behaviour correlates of attempted suicide in a large open cohort of young gay & bisexual men. Of 345 subjects, 150 (43.5%) reported that they had ever considered suicide & 67 (19.4%) that they had attempted suicide at least once. The authors found that the use of nitrite inhalants, […]

“The Walls Were Closing in, and we Were Trapped”: a Qualitative Analysis of Street Youth Suicide


Supporting the Support Network: The Concerned Others Program

Family Support: SAFER’s Concerned Other Counselling Program


Report of the Suicide Prevention Planning Committee


Patient Characteristics Associated With Nonprescription Drug use in Intentional Overdose

This study’s main objective was to identify patient characteristics, particularly psychiatric diagnosis associated with the use of over-the-counter medications in intentional overdose. Findings suggest that suicide-prone patients with a diagnosis of substance abuse & who possess prescription medications are unlikely to use over-the-counter medications in overdose. For this cohort, this represents a relatively small proportion […]

Non-consensual sex Experienced by men who Have sex With men: Prevalence and Association With Mental Health


Street Youth Suicide Among an Overlooked Population

The author examined how suicide is manifested in the context of street life & the subculture of street youth. His goal was to explore the meanings suicide holds for street youth.

Concerned About a Suicidal Child or Youth? Assessment and Referral Guidelines

This sheet gives assessment guidelines & a list of resources for someone who is concerned about a suicidal child or youth. The front side uses a diamond-shaped diagram to present the question that should be asked – are you thinking of suicide? – & background information to be collected, i.e. is the child making preparations […]

The Howe Street Mysteries

This article discusses the controversy surrounding the Vancouver Stock Exchange & the disappearences & deaths that have occurred since 1984. The high-profile suicides of Ward & Hiakmen are examined. Issues such as involvement in the drug trade, bankruptcy, & marital breakdown are discussed as some of the causes for the suicides. The article also reviews […]

When is a Request for Assisted Suicide Legitimate? Factors Influencing Public Attitudes Toward Euthanasia

This survey of 80 Greater Vancouver residents investigated how the public’s acceptance pf a request for euthanasia was influenced by the method of death & by the identity of the patient. Life-support withdrawal was found to be more favourable than lethal injection, yet the identity of the person did not affect acceptability of euthanasia. A […]

Sad Story of a gay boy who Hanged Himself

The columnist relates a story about a teen boys’ struggle to come to terms with his sexual orientation. His sexual identity exposes him to homophobic discrimination, sexual exploitation, & family/peer rejection. After a number of years on the streets of Vancouver, the teen begins to take control of his life. Even though his struggles appear […]

Suicide Prevention & You

Living With Someone who is Suicidal. For Parents, Partners, Family Members and Close Friends of Someone who has Attempted Suicide or Feels Suicidal

This pamphlet discusses suicide facts in Canada & why people attempt suicide. In looking at what can be done to help, it discusses ways of obtaining immediate help for the crisis, the importance of getting the person to a physician for a complete physical checkup and developing a support network for the suicidal person. For […]

A Comprehensive Community Education Program