Experience of low mood and suicidal behaviors among adolescents in Vietnam: findings from two national population-based surveys.

Purpose: To date, no population-based data about experiences of low mood and suicidal behaviors among adolescents in Vietnam have been published in the English peer-reviewed literature. The aim was to establish the prevalence of self-reported symptoms of low mood, acts of self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and their correlates among adolescents from two national population-based surveys, […]

Suicide Attempts by Poisoning in Hanoi, Vietnam: Methods Used, Mental Problems, and History of Mental Health Care

Methods of poisoning, presence of mental problems, & the rate of psychiatric care among suicide attempters in Vietnam were investigated. 309 individuals admitted to a hospital’s poison control centre were studied. Standardized questionnaries were used. The most common methods were poisoning by psychotropic drugs in urban, & pesticides in rural areas. ICD-10 confirmed disorders were […]

Suicide Attempt in a Rural Area of Vietnam: Incidence, Methods Used and Access to Mental Health Care

This study examined the incidence of suicide attempts in a rural area of Vietnam, the methods used, & the use of health care services, including mental health care, after an attempt. All 104 suicide attempters during 2003-2007 were interviewed by trained medical staff. The yearly incidence was 10.2 per 100,000 person-years. 99% of people attempted […]

Attempted Suicide in Vietnam

The aim of this study was to prepare quantitative & qualitative data about attempted suicide in order to develop a national program for suicide prevention in Vietnam. The prevalence of suicide attempts, plans, ideation, & medical attention following a suicide attempt was investigated as were the characteristics of people with suicidal behaviour in an urban […]

Suicidal Process, Suicidal Communication and Psychosocial Situation of Young Suicide Attempters in a Rural Vietnamese Community

This study explored the suicidal process, suicidal communication, & psychosocial situation of young suicide attempters in a rural community in Hanoi, Vietnam. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, in a community setting, with 19 suicide attempters, aged 15-24. In 12 of 19 cases, the first pressing, distinct, & constant suicidal thoughts appeared less than one day before […]

Attempted Suicide in Hanoi, Vietnam


Suicide in Vietnam Veterans: the Suicide Wall

Life Time Suicidal Thoughts in an Urban Community in Hanoi, Vietnam


Sociopolitical Contexts of Self-Immolations in Vietnam and South Korea

This article explores common political & social-psychological factors involved in acts of self-immolation that took place in Vietnam & South Korea in the later part of the 20th century. Drawing upon the work of Durkheim, the author identifies some key analytical distinctions between altruistic suicide & cases of self-immolation. Using suicide notes, diaries, & letters […]

Youth Suicide in the Veteran Community

This presentation outlined measures taken by the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service to respond to a finding from a study which showed the deaths of veterans’ children from suicide appear to be 3 times the expected rate. The development of a response, the problems inherent in the project, & the constraints upon the counselling service were […]

Morbidity of Vietnam Veterans. Suicide in Vietnam Veterans’ Children: Supplementary Report No.1

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Catalogue No. PHE 25.

Morbidity of Vietnam Veterans: a Study of the Health of Australia’s Vietnam Veteran Community. Volume 3: Validation Study

See SIEC #2001-0654 for a study on suicide among the children of Australian Vietnam veterans.

Hmong Find Hopelessness in new Nation

This article describes the plight of the Hmong, people from Laos whom the US enlisted during the Vietnam war as guerillas. After the war, about 180,000 Hmong Laotians immigrated to the US. Many of the older people had difficulty conforming to the culture and were reliant on government assistance. In 1997, welfare reform reduced this […]

Young Male Violent Death Trends in the General Population During the Vietnam era

Suicide & homicide rates significantly increased throughout the Vietnam War among young American civilian males. Men who reached military age after the war were at greatest risk. Years of high combat intensity were not associated with higher suicide or homicide rates than years of low combat intensity. Broad social forces, not the war itself, were […]

Young Female Violent Death Trends in the General Population During the Vietnam era

5 birth cohorts of young American women who became age 20 before, during, & after the Vietnam war were selected for this study of motor vehicle accident, suicide, & homicide between ages 13 & 30. Suicide & homicide increased strongly in succeeding years (1953-1986). Motor vehicle accident rates were affected primarily by age. Age, birth […]

Suicide Epidemic Among Vietnam Veterans: Fact or Fiction?

This article discusses the claims that Vietnam veterans are at high risk for suicide attempts. Author states that these claims were not based on data from studies of mortality among Vietnam veterans & that they are inflated & unreliable. He claims that the risk may be only slightly greater. While subgroups of veterans may be […]

In Conscience’s Talons: the Suicide of a Vietnam Veteran. Case Consultation

This article offers 2 comments on the case study of Tony Marco, a Vietnam veteran who committed suicide at the age of 34, after a 12 year struggle with guilt & despair. He suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Risk of Traumatic Deaths Among Vietnam Veterans

The mortality risk of 4247 Vietnam veterans from the Agent Orange Registry with a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder was compared to that of 12010 Vietnam veterans without PTSD. PTSD veterans were more likely to die from suicide & accidental poisoning. The standardized mortality ratio for suicides was 6.74 among PTSD veterans & 1.67 among […]

Attempted Suicide Among Vietnam Veterans: a Model of Etiology in a Community Sample

Data from the National Vietman Veterans Readjustment Study, (1986-1988) were used to develop an etiological model in a 3-step process that was refined, cross-validated, & then specified in terms of replicable paths. The article reports on this study of a sample of 1,198 male Vietman veterans. Conclusions: The predominant & direct causes of attempted suicide […]

An Etiological Model of Attempted Suicide Among Vietnam Theater Veterans: Prospective Generalization to a Treatment-Seeking Sample

This study used retrospective & prospective data from 402 Vietman veterans receiving treatment in a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) clinic. An etiological model developed for a community sample of Vietnam veterans was examined for its generalizability to this treatment-seeking sample. Causal paths in the treatment-seeking sample mirrored those in the commnity sample in that psychiatric […]

Laotian-U.S. Culture Clash Ends in Family Murder-Suicide

A Laotian immigrant, feeling disgraced over his daughter’s return home after living with her boyfriend for a month, killed his wife, injured another daughter & committed suicide. Having come to live in the U.S. after the Vietnam War, the father clung to his native customs & culture while his children followed American ways. At an […]

Traumatic war Stressors and Psychiatric Symptoms Among World War II, Korean, and Vietnam War Veterans

3 hypotheses about symptoms of war-related posttraumatic stress disorder & general psychiatric disorder were tested among a sample 5,138 war zone veterans. All 3 hypotheses were supported significantly. With respect to suicidality, the Vietnam cohort accounted for 5 of 9 significant measures when age, education & medical condition were controlled for. A surprising finding was […]

The Comorbidity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicidality in Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam vetrans recruited from 3 sources were assessed for suicidal thinking & behaviours, & symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder & depression. Findings support the notion that suicidal thoughts are prevalent in this group, with veterans in psychotherapy reporting a greater likelihood of such symptoms (82.6%), than veterans in the community (35.7%), or those seeking assistance […]