Year: 2008 Source: World Psychiatry, v.7, no.1, (February 2008), p.47-53 SIEC No: 20080286

This study explored the suicidal process, suicidal communication, & psychosocial situation of young suicide attempters in a rural community in Hanoi, Vietnam. Semi-structured interviews were conducted, in a community setting, with 19 suicide attempters, aged 15-24. In 12 of 19 cases, the first pressing, distinct, & constant suicidal thoughts appeared less than one day before the attempt. However, distress & mild, fleeting suicidal thoughts had been present up to 6 months before the attempt in 16 cases. 13 had engaged in some form of suicidal communication before their attempt. Physical abuse & psychological violence had been suffered by a majority of the respondents. (30 refs.)