Social work instructors’ attitudes, beliefs, and practices about teaching suicide content

In 2012, the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention recommended more education in suicide prevention for mental health professionals. This study of social work instructors (N = 225) explored attitudes, beliefs, and feelings toward teaching suicide content in practice courses; the content covered; barriers to teaching about suicide; and desired supports. Overall, instructors were confident and perceived themselves […]

A systematic review of school-based interventions aimed at preventing, treating, and responding to suicide-related behavior in young people.

BACKGROUND: Suicide, in particular among young people, is a major public health problem, although little is known regarding effective interventions for managing and preventing suicide-related behavior. AIMS: To review the empirical literature pertaining to suicide postvention, prevention, and early intervention, specifically in school settings. METHOD: MEDLINE, PsycINFO, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials […]

Addressing Suicide Potential and Prevention in Rural and Frontier Areas: Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Providers. Summary Report


Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Suicide: a Toolkit for Senior Living Communities HHS Publication No. SMA(10)4515, CMHS-NSPL-0197

This Toolkit contains resources to help staff in senior living communities promote mental health & prevent suicide among their residents. A comprehensive framework incorporating three essential approaches is used. The approaches are: 1) whole population approach – activities & programs that benefit the mental well-being of all residents; 2) at-risk approach – strategies ensuring that […]

Healthy Mind. Healthy Body. A Mental Health Curriculum Supplement

This mental health curriculum provides lesson plans for Grades 4 to 6. Each lesson includes background information for teachers, the objective(s) of the suggested activities, teaching content, activities & fact sheets, & suggested assessment strategies.

Case Studies in Suicide: Experiences of Mental Health Professionals

This book of 15 case studies was created to describe the clinical & personal experiences of counsellors & mental health professionals who have served suicidal clients. The case vignettes are true, changed only to protect client anonymity. Each case provides practical, realistic, & useful guidance for assessment & treatment.

Manual for Estimating the Economic Costs of Injuries due to Interpersonal and Self-Directed Violence

This manual begins by discussing the rationale for estimating the economic costs of violence, the objectives of the manual, & target audiences. The next 3 chapters discuss: defining violence & measuring its occurence; methodological approaches to estimating the magnitude & costs of violence-related injuries; & guidelines. The fifth chapter presents 3 case studies from Brazil, […]

STORM (Skills-Based Training on Risk Management) Risk Assessment

This document provides the curriculum that makes up the STORM training. There are 4 modules: assessment; crisis management; problem solving; & crisis prevention. The package contains a pre-course introduction participant pack & the participants’ handbook.

The Prevention of Suicide in Prison: Student’s Handbook

This handbook is divided into 4 parts. The first covers risk indicators & myths & facts about suicide. The second part discusses preventive measures, including what to do, what to say, & positive interaction techniques. The third part is on crisis intervention and the last section outlines what to do if a suicide attempt or […]

Talking Together About Death: a Bereavement Pack for People With Learning Disabilities, Their Families & Carers

This resource pack is specifically designed for families & carers to share the experience of death & bereavement with those with learning disabiliites. The package is set up so that materials can be selected to best meet the needs of the individual in exploring, discussing, & sharing personal feelings & experiences. The package contains a […]

Letters to the Editor

In this letter to the editor, Berman questions whether the conclusion reached in a study by Bryan & colleagues that the mnemonic IS PATH WARM interfered with the participants’ ability to learn warning signs of suicide is accurate due to the lack of a fair & reasonable test based on understanding the purpose of a […]

On the Turn

This comic book relates the story of Brianna, an Aboriginal teenager who develops a gambling problem. She finds help in traditional teachings & practices.

Facilitating Suicide Bereavement Support Groups: a Self-Study Manual

Adolescent Suicide: the Role of Epidemiology in Public Health

This lesson plan is intended for high-school students, Grades 11 & 12.

Sources of Strength: Facilitators Guide. Suicide Prevention – Peer Gatekeeper Curriculum

This document is the facilitator’s guide for peer gatekeeper training. The training is designed for peer leaders from middle school to college. This program has three phases – the associated activities for each are included in the guide: peer gatekeeper training; peer-to-peer education; & ongoing focused teen-led prevention.

The Bounce Back Book: Birth to 2 Years. Laying the Foundation for Resiliency in Your Infant & Toddler

See SIEC #2007-0363 for a companion title on building resiliency skills in preschoolers.

The Bounce Back Book: Building Resiliency Skills in Your Preschooler


Mental Health Scrutiny Review Preventative Services – Suicide Rates Report of the Scrutiny Panel

What Types of Resources do we Need?: the Views of Stakeholders Involved in Suicide Prevention in Scotland

This article presents findings & recommendations emerging from interviews with a diverse range of professionals in Scotland. Views were explored on known & available resources/materials that have as an objective suicide prevention, intervention or postvention. In particular, interviewees were asked how they felt existing resources could be improved, & to identify whether, & if so […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy With Suicidal Adolescents

Chapters in this book include: Suicidal Behaviors in Adolescents; What do we Know About Effective Treatments for Suicidal Adolescents?; Dialectical Behavior Therapy; DBT Program Structure; Dialectical Dilemmas for Adolescents; Assessing Adolescents; Orienting Adolescents & Families to Treatment & Obtaining Commitment; Individual Therapy With Adolescents; Including Families in Treatment; Skills Training With Adolescents; Assessing Progress, Running […]

Darkness Calls


Update Winter 2004-2005

This report provides an update on the activities & accomplishments of the Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Suicide Prevention: Professional Development Continuing Education Course

The purpose of this self-directed course is to give social workers an understanding of the suicide prevention process, to teach them the needs of individuals who are suicidal, & to familiarize them with available resources.