New Jersey Police Suicide Task Force Report

In October 2008, the Governor of New Jersey formed a task force to study police suicide in that state. The Task Force shared expertise, reviewed material on police suicide, & invited guest speakers to make presentations. Law enforcement supervisors were surveyed on their utilization of mental health services for their officers. 4 recommendations were made:[…]

A Suicide Prevention Advisory Group at an Academic Medical Center


Mental Health First Aid Guidelines for Helping a Suicidal Person: a Delphi Consensus Study in India

File copy includes an appendix with the items included in the Delphi survey & another appendix with first aid guidelines for India.

The Challenge and the Promise: Strengthening the Force, Preventing Suicide and Saving Lives: Final Report of the Department of Defense Task Force on the Prevention of Suicide by Members of the Armed Forces

This report details the research, results, & recommendations of the Department of Defense Task Force on the Prevention of Suicide by Members of the Armed Forces resulting from a year-long review of data, studies, programs, & discussions with service members, their families, & their caregivers. 49 findings & 76 associated recommendations are discussed. Findings fall[…]

Moving Forward Together: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Priorities of The Mental Health Commission of Canada

This report provides a written summary of stakeholder perspectives on three key initiatives of the Mental Health Commission of Canada: reducing stigma, developing a knowledge exchange network, & creating a national strategy. The second part of the report discusses connections among the three initiatives. Part 3 includes stakeholder comments about the Commission. The report concludes[…]

World Suicide Prevention day: Think Globally, Plan Nationally, act Locally


Coping With Youth Suicide and Overdose. One Community’s Efforts to Investigate, Intervene, and Prevent Suicide Contagion


Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia(IN: Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia, ed. by H Hendin)


A Review and Analysis of Suicide Prevention Efforts in Ireland

This paper reviews the progress in implementing the recommendations made by Ireland’s National Task Force on Suicide & aims to identify lessons for the development of suicide prevention in Ireland & elsewhere. (18 refs.)

Preventing Suicide in Prisons, Part I: Recommendations from the International Association for Suicide Prevention Task Force on Suicide in Prisons

In 2000, the World Health Organization published a guide on suicide prevention for corrections officers. There are now new epidemiological data on prison suicide, a more detailed discussion of the risk factors accounting for the generally higher rate of suicide in correctional settings compared to the general population, & several strategies for developing screening instruments.[…]