The European Alliance Against Depression: a Multilevel Approach to the Prevention of Suicidal Behavior

This article describes the creation of the European Alliance Against Depression in 2004 & the cornerstone of the alliance, which is a shared multi-level approach that includes interventions on 4 levels: education of primary care physicians; a professional public relations campaign, training of community facilitators, & interventions with affected persons & high-risk groups. Several countries […]

Position Statement: Suicide and Self-Harm Among gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities

This position statement discusses suicide & self-harm in gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender communities in Australia. The discussion includes a review of the complexity & diversity within & between these communities; risk factors; heterosexism, homophobia & transphobia; high risk groups; a multidisciplinary approach to suicide & self-harm prevention; building community capacity for mental health promotion […]

Maytree Christmas Newsletter

This newsletter discusses the activities of the Maytree Respite Centre in 2007 as well as providing a brief review of the previous 5 years. Information about the program’s volunteer corps & fundraising is also included.

The American Psychiatric Association’s new Practice Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Patients With Suicidal Behaviors

In 2003, the American Psychiatric Association published practice guidelines for the assessment and management of patients with suicidal behaviours. This article provides an overview of the guidelines & some expert commentary.

Responding to Suicide in Rural Australia: Position Statement

This document presents Suicide Prevention Australia’s position on the development of specific strategies for suicide prevention in rural & remote Australian communities. Topics discussed include rural suicide risk factors, suicide among younger people in rural areas, access to means, the accessibility & availability of support mechanisms, social stigma & mental health literacy, the vicarious effects […]

Suicide Prevention Australia Strategic

Position Statement: Suicide Bereavement and Postvention


Report From the Evaluation of the 2005-2008 Strategic Plan and Organisational Review of Suicide Prevention Australia INC.

Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia(IN: Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia, ed. by H Hendin)


The IASP: in the Beginning

This article is the author’s personal recollections of the history of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and the progress made towards achieving its primary objectives.

The Norwegian Organisation for Suicide Survivors (LEVE)

This article discusses LEVE, the Norwegian Organisation for Suicide Survivors. The plans for the organization, its structure, & future plans are described.

Position Statement: Suicide Prevention and Capacity Building in Australian Indigenous Communities

This document presents the position of Suicide Prevention Australia on suicide prevention in indigenous communities. In this statement, Suicide Prevention Australia acknowledges, supports, advocates, & seeks reform on the following: a multidisciplinary approach to indigenous suicide prevention; an indigenous suicidology; community capacity for caregiving; grief & postvention; & closing the gap between past & present […]

Position Statement: Men and Suicide: Future Directions

In this position statement, Suicide Prevention Australia acknowledges, supports, advocates, & seeks reform on the following: male suicide risk factors; encouraging help-seeking among men; removing barriers that inhibit continuity of care; & recognising the diversity of men, wherever they are. A number of recommendations are made & Suicide Prevention Australia’s strategic contributions to suicide prevention […]

Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research Annual Report 2004-2005

This report provides an overview of the activities & accomplishments of the Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research during 2004-2005.

Update Winter 2004-2005

This report provides an update on the activities & accomplishments of the Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Reporting of Suicide. Reporting Guidelines: General Press Release No. 246

This brief document outlines the policies of the Australian Press Council regarding media reporting on suicide. This press release supersedes earlier guidelines issed on this subject.

The Ringel Service Award: the man

AAP Statement on Suicide in Adolescents


Voluntary Active Euthanasia


Euthanasia and the Doctors – a Rejection of the BMA’s Report


Suicidality in Adolescents Being Treated With Antidepressant Medications and the Black box Label: Position Paper on the Society for Adolescent Medicine

Against Euthanasia

Cultural Specificity and Universality of Suicide