Stress in Irish Dentists: Developing Effective Coping Strategies


Suicidal Behaviour in Some Human Service Occupations With Special Emphasis on Physicians and Police. a Nationwide Study


The Suicide Mortality of Working Physicians and Dentists

Using all deaths & corresponding census data in 26 American states, the suicide risk for working physicians & dentists was examined. Death & census data for working people were obtained from 1984 through 1992. Directly age-standardized suicide rate ratios were calculated for white male & white female physicians & white male dentists. For white female […]

Suicide Rates According to Education With a Particular Focus on Physicians in Norway 1960-2000


Stress-related Suicide by Dentists and Other Health Care Workers: Fact or Folklore?

Specialty and sex as Predictors of Depression in Dentists

Stresses and Self-destructive Behaviors of Dentists

Do Dentists Have the Highest Suicide Rate?

Suicide Risk Among Dentists: a Multivariate Analysis

Dentists are recognized as having a high incidence of suicide. Past work has not focused on whether this risk is because of occupational stress or sociodemographic factors, which are covariates of dentist status. This study reassesses the link between dentistry & suicide by controlling for dentistry’s covariates. Controlling for sociodemographic factors, dentists still have a […]

Health Care Occupations and Suicide in Sweden 1961-1985

The sex & age standardized incidence rates of suicide & undetermined deaths in Sweden were described for 5 groups of health care professionals. Among men, all the occupations except registered nurses, showed increasing suicide rates from 1960. Among women, high rates were found among physicians & dentists, but not for psychiatric attendants & auxiliary nurses. […]

Suicides Among Immigrants From the Indian Subcontinent

Suicides in England & Wales among immigrants of Indian ethnic origin were analysed for the period 1970-78. There were excess suicides among young Indian women, these being disproportionately more among the married. Burning was a common method of suicide among Indian women. Suicide rates were low in Indian men & the Indian elderly. A large […]

To Change or not to Change: is There a Choice?

This article begins by discussing research on dentists’ suicide rates. The author finds that dentists’ suicide rates are no higher than the general population. The author then describes the stresses involved in the job of a dentist, as well as the stresses for dental students & dental school faculties. He concludes by making some suggestions […]

Inequalities in Health Within the Health Sector

Mortality among males employed in the health sector was examined using data surrounding the 1971 & 1981 censuses to assess the differences between social classes in the health services & to study changes over a decade. Results showed that the proportion of suicides was high in most health occupational groups in the 1980s. Over the […]

Occupational Stress and Suicide Among Dentists

Discusses a study in which 25 dentists were interviewed regarding occupational stress. Results indicate that the occupational role of dentists facilitates social tension & stress, & that dentists experience a status dilemma, especially when compared to physicians. Work stress can result in marital & family problems, substance abuse, & extreme depression. This combination of professional […]

Suicide Among Swedish Dentists

Authors report on a cohort of Swedish dentists (3585 males, 1150 females) for the period 1961-70. The study shows that suicide rates among dentists are similar to that of the general Swedish population regardless of sex. Male dentists, however, exhibit an almost 2-fold elevation in suicide rates compared to other male academics. Results indicated an […]

Mortality of Dentists, 1951-1954

Presents a study of the mortality of dentists. Findings suggest that the number of deaths per 1000 living dentists is less than that of the male population of similar age. Death by suicide claimed the lives of 1.91% of dentists compared to 1.63% of the male population. (LH)

Stress in Dentistry: It Can Kill You

Members of provincial dental associations are considering a referral service for their members to help them deal with the stress that results from working in an occupation that attracts a very reluctant clientele. Stress-related problems of alcoholism, drug abuse, & suicide are discussed. (NBB)

The Suicidal Professions

A brief article about suicide among dentists, physicians, & psychiatrists. One factor suggested for the increased rate of suicide is the practitioner’s inability to meet the role expectations both he & society expect him to fill. (NBB)

Through the Reading Glass

The author quotes several studies that imply dentists have higher rates of suicide & more psychological & social problems than other professional groups. Rates of 77.9-83 per 100000 are cited, from varying US studies. He states that far more data is needed before the contention that dentists are a “…uniquely emotionally-overstressed or psychopathic professional group…” […]

Study on Dentist’s High Suicide Rate Refuted

A comprehensive study of thousands of dentists’ death cerificates refutes news media stories that claim dentists have a high rate of suicide. The study was conducted by the Temple University School of Dentistry. (NBB)

The Mortality of Dentists

This paper discussed the findings of a 1971 Supplement on Occupational Mortality in England, in which dentists were separated as having an unusually high suicide rate. The paper argues against methods of assessment used for insurance purposes to claim “suicide”. It suggests a more equal method for classifying suicide thus placing dentists at a more […]

Suicide Statistics of Dentists in Iowa, 1968 to 1980

A review of existing research & death investigations of dentists known to have committed suicide in the state of Iowa during the period 1968-1980 lead the authors to conclude that suicide rates for dentists are elevated over the age-sex rate of the general population. Rates appear to be higher for those entering the profession (24-44) […]

Stress in Dentistry: National Survey

The data dispels notions about drug use & divorce among U.S. dentists. The real problem is disillusionment.