Stress in Irish Dentists: Developing Effective Coping Strategies


Suicidal Behaviour in Some Human Service Occupations With Special Emphasis on Physicians and Police. a Nationwide Study


The Suicide Mortality of Working Physicians and Dentists

Using all deaths & corresponding census data in 26 American states, the suicide risk for working physicians & dentists was examined. Death & census data for working people were obtained from 1984 through 1992. Directly age-standardized suicide rate ratios were calculated for white male & white female physicians & white male dentists. For white female[…]

Suicide Rates According to Education With a Particular Focus on Physicians in Norway 1960-2000


Stress-related Suicide by Dentists and Other Health Care Workers: Fact or Folklore?

Specialty and sex as Predictors of Depression in Dentists

Stresses and Self-destructive Behaviors of Dentists

Do Dentists Have the Highest Suicide Rate?

Suicide Risk Among Dentists: a Multivariate Analysis

Dentists are recognized as having a high incidence of suicide. Past work has not focused on whether this risk is because of occupational stress or sociodemographic factors, which are covariates of dentist status. This study reassesses the link between dentistry & suicide by controlling for dentistry’s covariates. Controlling for sociodemographic factors, dentists still have a[…]

Health Care Occupations and Suicide in Sweden 1961-1985

The sex & age standardized incidence rates of suicide & undetermined deaths in Sweden were described for 5 groups of health care professionals. Among men, all the occupations except registered nurses, showed increasing suicide rates from 1960. Among women, high rates were found among physicians & dentists, but not for psychiatric attendants & auxiliary nurses.[…]