Occupational class differences in male suicide risk in Finland from 1970 to 2019

Background In the last few decades, suicide rates have decreased in most European countries. However, periodic changes in risk by occupational class have not been studied as much in detail. Methods Representative cohorts of Finnish working-age men were followed for nine years on suicide mortality starting from five different census years (1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, […]

Calculation of costs related to death by suicide in Finland

There are relatively few calculations of the costs related to suicides. The aim was to produce a monetary estimate of the costs incurred as a result of suicides. The costs were divided into three categories: (1) loss of  labor input, (2) costs directly following a suicide, and (3) costs associated with family members. In our […]

Suicide rates in Nordic prisons 2000-2016

Objective To compare suicide rates of people in prison and the general population in the Nordic countries. Methods Data on deaths by suicide and person-years for people in prison and the general population were obtained for the Nordic countries during 2000–2016. Age-standardized rate ratios were calculated. Results The suicide rate in the Nordic countries overall […]

A new national suicide prevention programme in Finland

Suicide prevention requires enhancing the efficiency of current activities and the introduction of new approaches. Therefore, a new suicide prevention programme has been put into action, starting this year. Its key message is the following: 1) the attitudes of those encountering persons who have attempted suicide must be transformed to ensure that no one who […]

Suicide mortality and use of psychotropic drugs in patients hospitalized due to bipolar disorder: A Finnish nationwide cohort study

Background Knowledge on the comparative effectiveness of pharmacological treatments to prevent suicide mortality in bipolar disorder is still lacking. Methods We studied the risk of suicide mortality during 1996–2012 among all patients who had been hospitalized due to bipolar disorder in Finland (n = 18,018; mean follow-up time 7.2 years) using nation-wide databases. We used a Cox […]

Excess mortality, causes of death and life expectancy in 270,770 patients with recent onset of mental disorders in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

To investigate the excess mortality in different diagnostic categories due to suicide and other external causes of death, and due to specific causes in connection with diseases and medical conditions. The life expectancy was generally approximately 15 years shorter for women and 20 years shorter for men, compared to the general population.

Gender differences in comorbidity of conduct disorder among adolescents in Northern Finland.

As compared to boys with conduct disorder (CD), suicidality (including suicidal ideation and behaviour) was significantly more commonly the cause of hospitalization among girls with CD. Among somatic conditions, there was a significant predominance in self-reported allergies among girls. Girls had more often diagnosed comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder and marginally significantly more major depressive disorder. […]

Mechanical restraint in adolescent psychiatry: a Finnish Register study.


Risk Factors and Pathways Leading to Suicide With Special Focus in Schizophrenia: The Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort Study

This study investigated risk factors, developmental pathways, & the rate of attempted or completed suicide in a longitudinal population-based prospective birth cohort in Finland. Data was collected prospectively for 10,934 individuals, born in 1966, & alive & resident in Finland at age 16. A total of 121 suicide attempts & 69 suicides had occurred by […]

Increased premature mortality of competitive powerlifters suspected to have used anabolic steroids

Misuse of supraphysiological doses of anabolic steroids is claimed to have serious side effects. The aim of the study was to determine the mortality, and the cause of premature deaths among a group of subjects who are strongly suspected to have used anabolic steroids for a non-medical purpose over several years. The mortality of 62 […]

The Relationship Between Sales of SSRI, TCA and Suicide Rates in the Nordic Countries

This study examined whether the rapid increase in sales of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors & the corresponding decline in tricyclic antidepressants in the period 1990-1998 were associated with a decline in suicide rates in Denmark, Finland, Norway, & Sweden. Aggregated suicide rates for 1975-2006 were obtained & the sales figures for antidepressants were provided from […]

Cardiovascular Diseases Among Suiciders: a Population-Based Study in Northern Finland Population

The authors used a comprehensive database of all 2283 suicides in Northern Finland with information on all hospital-treated cardiovascular diseases & psychiatric disorders. Coronary artery disease was present in 7.7% & other cardiovascular diseases in 11.6% of victims. The likelihood of suicide for patients with hospital-treated coronary artery disease was etimated to be 2-fold compared […]

Suicidal Behavior Among Finnish Fire Setters

Histories of serious suicide attempts & slashing were investigated in a sample of 304 Finnish fire setters. Major mood disorders, father’s alcoholism, & suicidal motive of fire setting were significantly associated with suicide attempts. Among fire setters, non-lethal slashing was a predictor of serious suicidality. Associations between psychiatric diagnoses, family history, & suicidality among fire […]

Time Patterns of Attempted Suicide

All consecutive suicide attempters admitted to health care in Helsinki from January 1997-January 1998 were studied. Overall, the rate of suicide attempts varied markedly during the study period, peaking in autumn & being lowest during winter. Substance use disorders best explained suicide attempts occurring on weekends. There was considerable temporal variation among patients with mood […]

Suicidal Ideation in the Finnish General Population. A 12-Month Follow-Up Study

This study investigated the incidence, prevalence, & persistence of & recovery from suicide ideation in a sample of the Finnish general population. Postal questionnaires were mailed to 1593 subjects at baseline & on follow-up, 12 months later. The 12-month incidence (4.6%) & prevalence of suicide ideation (14.7%) was higher in men than in women. 69% […]

Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation in Psychiatric Patients

The authors compared 84 Finnish psychiatric patients with suicide ideation with 166 randomly selected nonsuicidal patients in community-based psychiatric services. Patients with suicide ideation felt a need for psychiatric treatment more often than nonsuicidal patients. They were also more likely to receive antidepressnt medication & weekly therapy sessions were more common among them. A wish […]

Substance use and Male Gender as Risk Factors for Deaths and Suicide: a 5-Year Follow-Up Study After Deliberate Self-Harm

This study determined mortality by suicide & other causes of death in a cohort of suicide attempters & identified predictive factors, including contacts with healthcare after the attempt. All consecutive 1198 deliberate self-harm patients treated during a 12-month period in Helsinki were identified. By the end of the 5-year follow-up period, 171 patients had died; […]

Suicide Rate in Schizophrenia in the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort

Data were collected for 10,934 individuals alive in Finland at the age of 16 from the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort. The Finnish Hospital Discharge Register was used until the end of 1997 to identify cases with mental disorder. 100 subjects met criteria for schizophrenia. Deaths by the end of 2005 were ascertained from death […]

Use of the National Register of Medico-Legal Autopsies in Epidemiological Suicide Research

This study sought to determine the reliability of the Finnish National Register of Medicolegal Autopsies by comparing its data with cause-of-death statistics published by the Central Statistical Office of Finland & to assess its usefulness for epidemiological forensic research. The comprehensivesness of the register over the period 1986-1991 was studied in general terms & tested […]

Childhood Predictors of Completed and Severe Suicide Attempts: Findings From the Finnish 1981 Birth Cohort Study

Predictive associations between childhood psychopathologic disorders at the age of 8 years & later suicide & severe suicide attempts were studied in a birth cohort that included 5302 Finns born in 1981 & examined at the age of 8. 54 individuals had either died by suicide or made a serious attempt resulting in hospital admission. […]

Brief Intervention for Deliberate Self Harm: an Exploratory Study

The objective of this study was to develop & explore the effectiveness of a 4-session intervention that combined elements of acceptance & commitment therapy with elements of solution focused brief therapy to prevent deliberate self-harm in adults. An experimental pilot study with follow-up assessments at 4- & 6-months after baseline was conducted using a random […]

Suicides Among Older Persons in Finland and Time Since Hospitalization Discharge

This study examined the timing of suicide among elderly & middle-aged persons after their final hospitalization & examined characteristics of suicides in relation to the timing of suicide. Data were examined for 370 Northern Finnish middle-aged (50-64 years) & 194 elderly (65 years or older) suicide victims. Compared with elderly persons whose suicide occurred more […]

Mortality Rates of Males who Commit Parricide or Other Violence Offense Against a Parent

This study examined & compared the mortality of matricidal & patricidal offenders by using a comprehensive national data set with follow-up ranging from 3-24 years. 99 matricidal, 113 patricidal, & 111 control violent male offenders were evaluated over the period 1973-2004 in Finland. One-third of deaths among parricidal offenders were due to suicide. The matricidal […]