Year: 2010 Source: Cardiovascular Psychiatry and Neurology, v.2010, article no.302102, (2010), p.1-5 SIEC No: 20100847

The authors used a comprehensive database of all 2283 suicides in Northern Finland with information on all hospital-treated cardiovascular diseases & psychiatric disorders. Coronary artery disease was present in 7.7% & other cardiovascular diseases in 11.6% of victims. The likelihood of suicide for patients with hospital-treated coronary artery disease was etimated to be 2-fold compared to the general population while likelihood for suicide was not elevated among those with other cardiovascular diseases. Males with coronary artery disease & females with coronary artery disease or any cardiovascular diseases had been hospitalized significantly more often with depression compared to a reference group. Psychiatric consultation is highly recommended for cardiac patients with depression or alcohol-related disorders. (18 refs.) JA