Beyond the wall: Death education at middle school as suicide prevention

This study investigates the psychological effects of participation in Death Education (DeEd) by middle school children in two towns in northeast Italy in which suicides occur to a greater extent than in the rest of the region. The aims of the project “Beyond the Wall” were inherent to the prevention of suicide, address existential issues […]

Book Review – Suicidal Behaviour, Bereavement and Death Education in Chinese Adolescents: Hong Kong Studies, edited by J W L Tse & C Bagley


Is Death the Spice of Life?

A Perspective on the Current State of Death Education

The author offers some views on the current state of death education with focus on the sparing attention given the death education of health professionals & grief counselors. The need for improved integration of knowledge accumulated in the study of death, dying, & bereavement into the basic curricula of the parent disciplines & professional schools […]

Incorporating End-of-life Issues into Psychology Courses

This article discusses the integration of end-of-life issues in university psychology courses. The author explains the relevancy of teaching about the dying process in psychology. Suggestions are provided for how instructors can include end-of-life issues & decisions in courses on ethical, legal, & professional issues; adult & lifespan development; counseling diverse populations; & assessment & […]

How is Death and Dying Addressed in Introductory Psychology Textbooks?

The authors analyzed the amount & breadth of coverage given to topics related to death & dying in 28 introductory psychology textbooks published between 1995 & 2000. All included some information about death & dying, with suicide being the most most frequently addressed topic. The authors recommend that future textbooks include information to help students […]

Using Service Learning in Death Education


Euthanasia and Christian Vision (IN: Last Rights? Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Debated, edited by M M Uhlmann)


School/Community Plan for Suicide and Other Death Issues

The Light World

The purpose of this happy little book is to shed light on the next world of existence & to remove the morbid fear of death, especially from the minds of children. The writing style is geared to the young mind. Chapters covering the cycle from birth to death & beyond, include artwork. The author notes […]

An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Seminar: “Death and Dying in Psychology and Theater”

The development of an interdisciplinary course entitled “Death in Psychology and the Theater” is described. The course used dramatic literature to illustrate psychological concepts involved in death, dying, grief, bereavement, suicide, & AIDS & was taught by 2 professors in psychology & theatre arts. This article discusses course planning & content, teaching processes, assignments, & […]

Helping Grieving Children at School

This article presents guidelines to help children cope with grief. Wolfelt says that teachers need both to learn & to teach about death. He discusses how children may express their grief by acting out, what to do when a classmate dies & how to get extra help for bereaved children. Guidelines for helping the bereaved […]

Planning and Managing Death Issues in the School: a Handbook

This handbook presents age-appropriate curriculum materials for educating children & teenagers on issues of health, emotional depression, grief & death. Ways of counselling in schools following the death of a student, teacher or staff member are explored in detail. Signs of depression & at-risk behaviour are described as part of a comprehensive approach to prevention, […]

Understanding Death and Dying: Your Feelings

This booklet is written for the learning disabled person who is bereaved. Concepts such as loss, grief, feelings that are experienced after a death & funerals are explained in plain language. Coping & helping strategies are also presented. Booklets for the families & friends of the learning disabled (see SIEC #950408) & for professional caregivers […]

Understanding Death and Dying: a Guide for Family and Friends

This booklet is written for the family or friends of a learning disabled person facing bereavement or who has been bereaved. Topics include: will the person understand, what is grief, how can I prepare somebody for bereavement, when somebody is dying, what can I do when a death has happened, how long does grief last, […]

Understanding Death and Dying: a Guide for Carers & Other Professionals

This booklet explains how health care professionals can support people with learning disabilities who have been bereaved. Practical information is offered on topics such as: how to prepare the learning disabled patient for bereavement, how to help the family after a death, & self-help for the caregiver. (See SIEC #950407 for a booklet written for […]

The Grief of Parents…When a Child Dies

Miles discusses feelings such as anger, guilt & fear that often result when one’s child dies. She speaks of parental depression & difficulty in making decisions. Advice is given on communicating with the spouse & other children. She stresses the importance of sharing family activities to “reinforce a feeling of family closeness during this time […]

Death as Seen in Books Suitable for Young Children

This article summarizes & evaluates 34 children’s books which deal with death in terms of their usefulness in helping 3- to 9-year-old children understand & cope with the concept of death. Books dealing with death in plants, of an animal, & of a person are included. Another 17 books are commented on briefly. All of […]

Talking With Young Children About Death

This package contains advice for talking with young children about death. It is introduced by Mister Rogers. Each child copes with grief in a unique way. Sharapan does not recommend protecting children by deciding not to tell them about a death, as it will make them uncertain. Children will ask questions about what death entails, […]

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney


A Scrapbook of Memories

This workbook is for children in the early stages of bereavement, & is useful during the time period between the loss & the funeral. It is intended to help a child understand death, be prepared for a funeral service, process their feelings, & say “goodbye” to their loved one. Space is provided for writing, drawing, […]

School Based Grief Crisis Management Programs (IN: What Will we do? Preparing a School Community to Cope With Crises, ed. by R G Stevenson)

The school preparation plan presented in this chapter focuses on preparation of staff (training, attitudes, skills & competencies) & in particular, the Grief Crisis Response Team. Death education is a significant part of a crisis preparation program. Grief crisis intervention employs grief counselling techniques with selected intervention procedures. 8 goals are outlined for a grief […]

Religious Education as an aid in Crisis Intervention (IN: What Will we do? Preparing a School Community to Cope With Crisis, ed. by R G Stevenson)

This chapter presents a crisis intervention model developed in Jewish schools which can be modified & used in most religious settings. A crisis is seen as a “teachable moment” & students can learn how to use ritual, prayer, community, & faith to wrestle with life’s crisis. Religious tradition offers a variety of responses to crisis: […]