Year: 2021 Source: International Journal of Current Research and Review. (2021). DOI: SIEC No: 20210469

Background: Depression is a mood disorder that causes one to have a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is an ongoing issue that may lead the patient to have suicidal thoughts if not taken care of. According to the most recent findings, a lot of people in the current world are suffering from smiling depression which hard to handle with the traditional approach.

Objective: This research aims to develop a platform to assist those who have depression to relieve their pain and express their emotion before it is too late. This research focuses on developing a web application with 4 major core features to tackle issues from a different approach. The first approach will be implementing a live chatbot to communicate and entertain the user. The second feature will be a chatroom as a platform for the user to express their feeling and chat with other people anonymously.

Conclusion: A daily task program with a reward-redemption system will also be implemented to assist the user to improve their lifestyle and mental health. Lastly, an online consultation system is also included for the user to make an appointment with a psychiatrist or consultant. These different features will approach the user in different mental states and assist them with different approaches.