Year: 2023 Source: Melbourne, AU: RMIT University. (2023). DOI:10.25439/rmt.23640978 SIEC No: 20231740
To facilitate better policy and service responses to LGBTIQA+ suicidal behaviour in Australia, this project has two aims: 1. To generate new insights into lived experiences of suicidal behaviour within LGBTIQA+ communities, including First Nations LGBTIQA+SB people and LGBTIQA+POC in Australia. 2.To better understand the factors that influence and protect against suicidal behaviour in LGBTIQA+SB communities, and the practices and services experienced as helpful and supportive to prevent or manage it. Twenty LGBTQA+SB adults were recruited from across Australia with participants located in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia and South Australia. Sampling sought to capture a range of experiences of suicidality and social supports and reflect the diversity of the LGBTIQA+ community in terms of gender identity, sexuality and age, with particular emphasis on recruitment of First Nations LGBTQA+SB participants and LGBTQA+POC. In total, 3 First Nations LGBTQA+SB people, 7 LGBTQA+ POC and 10 LGBTQA+ people were interviewed as part of the study. Thematic analysis was applied to identify similarities and differences between each of the 3 groups (First Nations LGBTQA+SB people, LGBTQA+POC, and LGBTQA+ individuals). Recommendations are made for improving policy and practice including delivering affirmative support, improving community responses, increasing knowledge and skill through training, and for future research.