Year: 2021 Source: Child and Adolescent Mental Health. (2020). First published 18 May 2020. SIEC No: 20210032

This retrospective chart review study investigates the relationship between the history of various forms of abuse and the presence of mood disorders and psychotic symptoms in predicting suicide attempts among psychiatrically hospitalized children and adolescents.
A multiā€mediation analysis was conducted with an archival dataset of 101 children and adolescents hospitalized predominantly for mood disorders and bipolar disorders with and without history of psychotic symptoms.
Results showed that history of suicide attempts was directly associated with physical abuse and indirectly associated with sexual abuse (mediated by bipolar disorders). Emotional abuse was also indirectly related to history of suicide attempts, mediated by mood disorders for boys, and by psychotic symptoms for girls.
This study is among the first to differentiate the unique effects of different types of early maltreatment on psychopathology, particularly mood disorders and psychotic symptoms, and histories of suicide attempts in psychiatrically hospitalized children and youth.