Year: 2023 Source: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas. (2023). 181: 81-100. doi: 10.5477/cis/reis.181.81 SIEC No: 20230335

The aim of this article is to analyse possible factors that influence behaviours related to female suicide: ideation and attempt. To this end, the influence of different indicators has been observed like socio-demographic indicators, support  networks, gender-based violences suffered and fear of their partner through a quantitative analysis using a secondary data source, the Study Nº 3235 “Macrosurvey on Violence against Women” (CIS, 2019). Both descriptive and inferential  analysis techniques have been used, applying multiple logistic regression to two constructed models: suicidal thinking and suicide attempt. Among the results, it stands out that psychological and control violence, as well as fear of their  partner, influence the suicidal thinking and attempt of women.