Year: 2022 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2022). 26(3), 1266-1285. SIEC No: 20220822
Objective To provide a conceptual overview of how medical doctors and nurses experience patient suicide. Method A systematic search identified ten qualitative papers for this interpretive meta-synthesis. Constructs were elicited and synthesized via reciprocal translational analysis. Results Findings comprised four inter-related themes: (1) Intrinsic but taboo: patient suicide perceived as inevitable yet difficult to discuss. (2) Significant emotional impact: clinicians deeply affected, with resilience important for mitigating impact. (3) Failure and accountability: intense self-scrutiny, guilt and shame, with blame attributed differently across professions. (4) Legacy of patient suicide: opportunities for growth but lack of postvention guidance. Conclusions Patient suicide affects clinicians profoundly. Further research should evaluate postvention procedures to inform effective guidance and support, acknowledging professional differences.