Year: 2022 Source: Crisis. (2021). 42(2): 114-120. SIEC No: 20220395

Background: One strategy to prevent youth suicide is awareness-raising video campaigns. To date, little is known about how best to include adolescents in the production process, and how they experience their involvement. Aims: This study used a participatory qualitative research approach to explore the experiences of adolescents producing suicide prevention videos targeting other adolescents in a school setting. Method: The project was conducted in Vienna, Austria, from 09/2018 to 01/2019. Eighteen high school students aged 15-19 produced suicide prevention videos. Focus group discussions with 17 of these students captured qualitative information on their experiences related to the process. Focus group content was analyzed following the documentary method. Results: Students produced seven suicide prevention videos in groups of two to three individuals. The production process was found to be positive, and numerous benefits and learning effects were noted. Limitations: No conclusions can be made about video effects on adolescents not involved in the process. Conclusion: Including adolescents in the process of developing suicide prevention videos has multiple benefits. The process researched here can inform similar campaigns with adolescents.