Year: 2022 Source: Issues in Mental Health Nursing. (2022). SIEC No: 20220858
Hospitalized patients after suicide attempts gave informed consent to a postvention project after discharge. A continuous caregiver contacted the subjects monthly by phone for a period of 1 year. In case of significant worsening and reoccurrence of suicidal ideations, immediate re-admission was possible. Ten subjects 65 years and older and hospitalized because of suicide attempts were included. The sample was presumed to be at high risk for repeated suicides because of somatic comorbidities and social isolation. Affective state was monitored using the PHQ-9. At the end, the social situation was assessed using the MILVA inventory. Of 16 patients screened for participation only 10 gave informed consent. Six subjects completed the study per protocol. Three subjects died (one suicide, two deaths by natural causes) and one dropped out for other reasons. At the end of the study, all completers appreciated the continuous guidance. While the affective state remained relatively stable in most subjects during the observed period, activities and social isolation could not be modified. Only one patient was readmitted during the project. Phone contacts proved to be feasible in the follow-up after suicide attempts especially in old age, because of the limited mobility of this vulnerable population.