Year: 2023 Source: SSP Modern Pharmacy and Medicine. (2023). 3(3), 1-16. DOI: SIEC No: 20231765

The study presents an interdisciplinary study focusing on the critical issue of suicide among young people in two European countries, Ukraine, and Estonia. The research aims to shed light on the multifaceted nature of the problem by exploring the complex interactions within the system of legal relations involving the key stakeholders: doctors, patients, pharmacists, and lawyers. Suicide rates among young individuals have reached alarming levels in Ukraine and Estonia, highlighting the urgency of addressing the problem comprehensively. To investigate this issue, an interdisciplinary approach is adopted, drawing from the fields of medicine, psychology, pharmacy, and law. The first aspect of the study examines the role of healthcare professionals, particularly doctors, in identifying and managing mental health concerns in young patients. The second dimension explores the involvement of pharmacists in dispensing medications, particularly those related to mental health, and the critical role they play in ensuring patient safety. The third perspective delves into the legal framework surrounding mental health care and suicide prevention in both countries. The study analyzes the existing laws and regulations, as well as potential gaps in the legal system that may hinder effective interventions. Additionally, the role of lawyers in advocating for better mental health policies and legislation is examined. By integrating insights from the medical, pharmaceutical, and legal fields, this research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to the rise of suicide rates among young people in Ukraine and Estonia. The findings are intended to inform policymakers, healthcare providers, pharmacists, and legal professionals to collaboratively develop effective strategies for suicide prevention and mental health support. In conclusion, this interdisciplinary study underscores the urgency of addressing the issue of suicide among young people in Ukraine and Estonia through an integrated approach.