Year: 2017 Source: American Journal of Preventative Medicine. (2016). 51(5S3), S197-S208. SIEC No: 20170038

Suicide among military personnel and young Veterans remains a health concern. This study examined stateside distribution of suicides by U.S. county to help focus prevention efforts.

Within the National Violent Death Reporting System participating states, an estimated 262 (33%) current military suicides occurred in just ten (1.0%) counties, and 391 (33%) Veteran suicides occurred in 33 (3.4%) counties. Mental health and intimate partner problems were common precipitating circumstances, and some circumstances differed between cases in high- versus those in medium/low-density counties. Multiple potential intervention sites were identified in high-density counties.

These findings suggest that military and Veteran suicides are concentrated in a small number of counties. Increased efforts at these locales might be beneficial.

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