Year: 2018 Source: Child and Adolescent Mental Health. (2013). 18(3): 165-170. SIEC No: 20180594

Mental health affects one in five young people, with the majority avoiding help due to stigma. In this study, young people’s (n = 49) perception of stigma as a barrier to accessing school‐based mental health services was compared with that of service providers (n = 63), along with the perceived extent of mental health problems and availability of school‐based mental health resources.
Participants completed a survey or interview. EBSCO and PubMed databases were used for the duration of this study, from August 2010 to September 2011.
A greater proportion of young people versus providers reported stigma as the largest barrier to accessing mental health services. In addition, most young people reported that school‐based mental health resources were scarce.
These results emphasize the need for young people’s involvement in mental health initiatives.