Year: 2015 Source: Edmonton, AB: Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 1997. 12 p. SIEC No: 20150381

Research has repeatedly shown a strong correlation between chemical dependency and pathological gambling. Study results show the percentage of pathological gamblers who also have substance abuse problems ranges from 10.15% to as high as 39-528 (Slavik, 1993). Within AADAC, CMS data for three quarters of 1996 indicate 20% of clients discharged from inpatlent treatment programs reported having gambling problems. This review is part of the Evaluation of Inpatient Treatment for Dually Addicted Clients Project of AADAC. The project was implemented to: evaluate the needs of gambling clients in AADAC’s inpatient treatment centres, review the treatment provided to gamblers, make recommendations for enhancing the treatment provided to problem gamblers, and share resources and strategies currently being used among treatment centers. Note: In this review, “dually addicted” refers to clients who have problems with both substance abuse (alcohol and/or other drugs) and gambling.