Year: 2013 Source: uicide and Life-Threatening Behavior.(2013).43(2):125-138. DOI: 10.1111/sltb.12000 Volume 43, Issue 2, pages 125Ð138, April 2013 SIEC No: 20130568

Veterinarians have an increased risk for suicide compared with the general population, yet there is little consensus regarding why this might be. We hypothesized that veterinarians become relatively fearless about death due to their repeated exposure to euthanasia. Accordingly, we predicted that there would be a positive relationship between experience with euthanasia and fearlessness about death, due to emotional habituation to the process of euthanasia. In a sample of 130 veterinary students, results conformed to expectation and indicated that the relationship with fearlessness about death was specific to euthanasia and did not generalize to experience with surgery or necropsy.