Year: 2013 Source: Journal of College Student Psychotherapy.(2013).27(1):62-77.DOI: 10.1080/87568225.2013.739035 SIEC No: 20130232

The correlates and predictors of suicidal ideation were examined in 303 male and 691 female undergraduates. Results indicated that hopelessness predicted suicidal ideation in both samples; however, depression was found to be a significant suicide risk factor only in women. In contrast, alcohol-related problems and social support from family predicted suicidal ideation in men, but not in women. In addition, for both men and women perceived burdensomeness was a suicide risk factor and reasons for living a protective factor. When assessing risk for suicide, our results suggest that practitioners may need to focus more on depressive symptoms in women and more on alcohol-related problems in men, while considering hopelessness, perceived burdensomeness, and reasons for living regardless of gender. Prevention programs which target these identified risk and protective factors for suicidality should be developed specifically for college men and women.

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