Year: 2010 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, v.40, no.6, (December 2010), p.544-552 SIEC No: 20110119

1-year prevalences of suicide ideation & nonfatal suicide attempts were assessed in a sample of 52,780 United States Air Force active duty members. Participants completed the online 2006 Community Assessment. Over 3% of male & 5.5% of female participants reported having experienced noteworthy suicide ideation during the previous year, & 8.7% of those with ideation reported a recent suicide attempt. Demographic factors predicting significantly increased risk for suicide ideation included female gender, low rank, & non-Christian religious affiliation; unmarried men were also at increased risk. Groups that were at increased risk for suicide attempts included low-ranking men & Hispanic women. (40 refs.) JA

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