Year: 2005 Source: Primary Psychiatry, v.12, no.5, (May 2005), p.32-34 SIEC No: 20101213

In this interview, Dr. Fawcett answered the following questions: How common is suicide among patients seen by health care professionals? In what settings are patients most at risk? What can physicians do in cases where the patient is chronically suicidal? What are the indicators that most predict a suicide attempt? Have the demographics of suicide changed over the course of your career? What questions must a physician ask of a patient who is thought to be suicidal? Is there any way to tell if a patient is lying about being suicidal? What is the most common mistake that clinicians make when assessing a patient for suicidality? Do contracts with patients work? Are drugs effective in reducing the risk of suicide & are some better than others? & What do you think about antidepressants provoking violence?