Year: 2010 Source: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, v.26, no.4, (December 2010), p.842-846 SIEC No: 20101179

151 suicide attempt cases monitored & treated at a training hospital’s internal medicine clinic in 2003 were retrospectively evaluated. 59.6% of subjects were male, 70.2% were single, 60.3% were retired or unemployed, 51.75% were privates (non-professional soldiers), & 36.4% were high school graduates. No diagnosis was made in 54.3% of cases while 25.2% had a depressive disorder, & 14.6% had antisocial personality disorder. Suicide is an increasing health problem in Turkey. Establishing a technology-based suicide surveillance program would provide collection of detailed & standardized data. Analyzing this data would improve effective suicide prevention efforts. (21 refs.) JA