Year: 1995 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.30, no.6, (November 1995), p.269-273 SIEC No: 20101047

The hypothesis that there was an increase in the number of psychiatric patient suicides was examined. Data from 5 psychiatric hospitals/departments in Baden-Wurttemberg were recorded for the period, 1970-1992. Log-linear time-trend models tested several hypotheses, compared their goodness of fit, & corrected for related factors. Results showed that the model of a constant number of suicides & the model of a general increase could be rejected. The separation of yearly frequencies into 2 parts (1970-1979 & 1980-1992) revealed an increase in the inpatient suicide rate during 1979-1979 & a slowly decreasing rate during 1980-1992, especially when taking admission numbers into account. Diagnostic subgroups did not seem to deviate from these trends. It is speculated that more humane treatment procedures were beginning to have an effect. (10 refs.) JA