Year: 2001 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.36, no.3, (March 2001), p.123-127 SIEC No: 20101027

This study examined trends in suicide rates in Israel from 1984-1994 to identify sub-populations at high risk for suicide & to identify suicide methods associated with increased risk. Trends over the period 1984-1994 were examined for Jewish men & women & Arab men & women. Cases of undetermined external cause of death were also considered. Suicide rates were higher for Jews than for Arabs, & higher for men than for women. The rates among both population & gender groups increased directly with age. A significant increase over the study period was found for Jewish men, particularly in the 18-21-year age group. An increase in the use of firearms was noted, mainly in the groups in which total suicide rates increased. (15 refs.) JA