Year: 2006 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.41, no.9, (September 2006), p.692-697 SIEC No: 20101001

This study investigated self-reported life-weariness, death wishes, suicide ideation, suicidal plans, & suicide attempts among young Nicaraguans & identified factors associated with suicidal expressions. 278 individuals were interviewed. The overall 1-year prevalence of any suicidal expression was 44.8% among males & 47.4% among females. A suicide attempt in the past year was reported by 2.1% of males & 1.5% of females. Exposure to suicidal expressions among significant others was significantly associated with own serious suicidal expression. No association was found between suicidal expression & sociodemographic factors such as poverty or educational level. (33 refs.) JA