Year: 2007 Source: Harvard Review of Psychiatry, v.15, no.4, (July-August 2007), p.133-145 SIEC No: 20100900

19 published studies on the potential benefits & risks of antidepressant treatment with respect to suicidal behaviours wre identified through literature searches. 8 studies found significant inverse correlations between rising sales of modern antidepressants in the 1990s & falling suicide rates not anticipated in the 1980s. Average reductions in suicide rates in the 1990s & 1980 differed little in 11 studies with data from both eras. Reduction of suicide rates in the 1990s was unrelated to geographic region, population size, units of analysis, publication year, or growth in antidepressant usage, but was greater with higher initial suicide rates, in men, & in older persons. In the same decade, suicide rates decreased in only half of 79 large countries. (78 refs.) JA