Year: 2005 Source: Columbus, OH: Office of Program Evaluation and Research, Ohio Department of Mental Health, (March 2005), p.187-195 SIEC No: 20100575

The general goals of this intervention were to elucidate further the relationship between suicide ideation, psychopathology, & coping skills. In addition, a short-term, secondary prevention program designed to decrease the intensity of suicide ideation & associated psychopathology while bolstering problem-solving abilities & coping skills was assessed. Participants included college students & people recruited from community mental health agencies & support organizations. In general, results support continued development of short-term, free-standing interventions for serious psychopathology. The time-limited nature of the decreases in ideation & depression is reasonable given the extemely brief nature of the intervention & the lack of regulated followu-up & review. (15 refs.)