Year: 2008 Source: General Hospital Psychiatry, v.30, no.4, (July-August 2008), p.324-330 SIEC No: 20090838

Prevalence & risk factors for inpatient suicide & suicide attempts in a German psychiatric hospital were explored. 20,543 patients with 40,451 episodes of inpatient care (1995-2004) were included. 41 inpatient suicides were recorded. Risk of inpatient suicide was increased for patients with resistance to drug treatments, previous suicide attempt, severe side effects, & supportive psychotherapy before admission. 214 inpatient suicide attempts occurred during the study period. Risk factors for suicide attempts were assualt, personality disorder, previous suicide attempt, drug treatment resistance, suicide ideation at admission, schizophrenia, depression, female gender, & length of stay. Results suggest special attention is needed for patients who have problems with psychopharmacotherapy during hospitalization. (48 refs.)