Year: 2005 Source: Comprehensive Psychiatry, v.46, no.2, (March-April 2005), p.90-97 SIEC No: 20090812

The effect of gender on suicide among 4 groups of psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents was studied using a cross-sectional design. 404 patients, ages 12-21 were divided into 76 male suicide attempters, 103 male nonattempters, 143 female suicide attempters, & 82 female nonattempters. Findings were analyzed by multivariate regression with stepwise logistic models. Depression & anxiety were more prevalent in female nonattempters than in male attempters. Antisocial behaviour was more prevalent in male attempters than in female attempters. There were gender differences for defense mechanisms in the attempters. Antisocial behaviour & anxiety were common predictors of suicide attempt, destructiveness was a predictor in women only, & depression was associated with suicide attempt in men only. (35 refs.)