Year: 2001 Source: Social Science Quarterly, v.82, no.2, (June 2001), p.384-396 SIEC No: 20090724

This study explores the relationship between occupation & suicide for 32 occupational groups. Data are from the national mortality file tapes which cover 21 American states. Bivariate logistic regression models found a total of 15 occupations with either significantly higher (e.g. dentists, artists, machinists, auto mechanics, & carpenters) or lower (clerks, elementary school teachers, cooks) risk than the rest of the working-age population. Multivariate models that remove the demographic covariates of occupation find only 8 occupations with greater or lower than expected risk of death by suicide. Results underscore the need for demographic controls in the assessment of occupational risk of suicide. (34 refs.)