Year: 2006 Source: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, v.67, no.4, (April 2006), p.620-625 SIEC No: 20090681

This study investigated a possible protective role of moral objections to suicide against suicidal behaviour in patients with Cluster B personality disorder & current depression. The effect of moral objections was then examined in relation to other mechanisms affecting suicide risk including trait aggressivity & the presence of effective coping strategies. 147 depressed patients with comorbid Cluster B personality disorder were compared with 210 depressed patients without Cluster B personality disorder in terms of history of suicide attempts & clinical & demographic characteristics. Subjects with comorbid Cluster B personality disorder had fewer moral objections to suicide & reported more previous suicide attempts. Fewer moral objections/religious beliefs, lower coping potential, & higher aggression level were associated with suicide attempts. (49 refs.)