Year: 2008 Source: The British Journal of Psychiatry, v.192, (2008), p.474-475 SIEC No: 20090214

The incidence of depression is higher in women than men but the reverse pattern is seen with suicide. In a cohort of 50 692 Norwegians we found that suicide risk associated with comorbid anxiety and depression was two-fold higher in men (OR=7.4, 95% CI 3.1Ð17.5) than women (OR=2.9, 95% CI 0.8Ð10.6), although statistical evidence for a difference was weak (P=0.4). If real, these gender differences could reflect either a more severe symptom profile in men with self-reported anxiety and depression, perhaps because of gender differences with regard to the stigma associated with mental illness, or gender differences in the way men respond to mental illness (e.g. self-medication/help-seeking).