Year: 2009 Source: Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, v.14, no.1, (2009), p.16-20 SIEC No: 20090052

A 3-year retrospective chart audit was conducted on the use of a secure room/security guard system at a rural hospital in Quebec. Use of the secure room/security guard occurred at the rate of 1.1 uses/1000 emergency department visits, with the most common indication being physician perception of risk of patient suicide or self-harm. Concern for staff safety was a factor in 10% of uses. 80% of patients were treated locally, with most being released from the secure room after 2 days or less. 14% of patients ultimately required transfer to the psychiatric referral centre & 6% to a detoxification centre. The average annual cost of security was $16,259.61. (6 refs.)